Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Organize Your Pantry

Ever walk into a space in your own home and it makes you cringe?
Well, I have to admit that when I walked into the kitchen, the pantry doors were wide open and it made me wince.  A lot!
It was definitely time to organize the pantry. 

The pantry hadn't been organized in awhile and things were all over the place. It had been bugging me for awhile.
 It's difficult to find what's in the pantry when items aren't where they are suppose to be.
Here's a closer look...

Condiments and snacks on the drink shelf, baking items on the canned good shelf and snacks in disarray in the baskets. 
Couldn't find things quickly if I wanted to.
Definitely in need of some organization. 

So, here's how I organized my pantry.
I start with clearing out one shelf. 
One shelf, that's it. 
Just in case I don't have much time, I can surely finish one shelf.  If you have more time, do another shelf, then another, until you're either finished or out of time.

I  take everything out and wipe it down.

I then put items that into smaller containers if the container they're in are too large. This will save some space.

 I had an opened box of Hot Wheat Cereal, so I put it in a Mason jar. Remember to cut out the directions and put them inside the jar so you'll know how to cook it.

 Use smaller containers to separate small items. Keep what you use the most where it can be easily reached.

organization, organize, pantry

After finishing the first shelf, go on to the 2nd shelf. Go through and get rid of stale food or items past their expiration date.

Two shelves finished and the pantry is looking much better.
organization, organize, pantry

If you follow these tips and go through your pantry regularly, your pantry will be functional and organized. 
organization, organize, pantry

Here's how I separate the items in my pantry. 
organization, organize, pantry

Organizing your pantry is a good indoor project for the upcoming hot summer days.
How unorganized does your pantry get before you break down and organize it?




  1. Hi Pam, I am a Pam, too!!

    We am remodeling our home over the next few months and we will get a pantry for the first time. I am so excited to finally get a REAL pantry. I have started doing what you show in one of the photos, putting foods into glass jars that I buy or save. I hate, HATE, having plastic bags or boxes with half used, left over items hanging around. I have been saving jam jars or buying them sometimes. I love those Paul Newman pasta sauce jars! Now, my food storage is much, much neater.

    Do you have any labeling ideas? I cut up part of the container and glue it on the outside, but it is not too cool. I saw somewhere on the internet a cool label making idea that I would like to try - you type up your label and do some printer magic to make a dish washer safe label. I would want to save and label my jars with the name of the product and the use by dates and such things.

  2. Great organization tips! Going through one shelf at a time is the way to go. This is a fantastic quick and easy weekend project! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Your pantry looks totally amazing. Mine is a regular closet, so it is deep not wide, very hard to organize. but like you, I do have like items put together. You did an amazing job, it looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  4. This has been on my to do list for a while & it still hasn't been done! Yours looks great!

  5. We have had 45 days of rain too. Okay I have pantry organization envy. I have been working fervently on the laundry room though. I actually found a vintage quilt top I forgot about. Stay cool, olive

  6. Wonderful job on your pantry! Mine has been bothering me for a couple weeks now....time to get back in there!~~Angela

  7. It looks just awesome Pam! My pantry needs some serious help but may have to wait until the kiddos are back in school. LOL!

  8. Beautiful! Most people would be happy with your "before"! LOL! If you have lunch totes to keep clean and in their place, check out these pantry organizer for totes and small personal ice chests like 6-pack coolers.

  9. Looks fantastic Pam!...I can use your pantry organizing skills!..I have bought the sliding shelves for my pantry a year ago...they are still in the boxes!...


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