Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Little Snow And A New Chair

Since  snow was in our forecast yesterday,  here in Charlotte, North Carolina, 
I put out a little faux snow encrusted birdhouse ornament. 
I found this little birdhouse at Marshall's on Monday. 
It was too cute to pass up.

I thought it would looked great in a little vignette with a brand new chair that I found at HomeGoods last week.

I actually found two of these beauties and brought them both home.

Well, I did have an excuse for buying them....
Mr. Fanatic asked me to look for a side chair for him to put in our bedroom so he could work in the evenings. Seems sitting on the bed or the upholstered chair in our bedroom is just a little bit too comfy and, well you know what happens...

I bought the 2nd chair because I've been looking for a french side chair for our office.

Killed two birds with one stone.
Is that still ok to say?? Hope so.

The chair is comfortable, (but not take a nap comfortable)
I love the details too. 
Love Louis XVI style with a round back.

I love that little birdhouse too.
We actually had some snow last evening. It looked so pretty with the big flakes swirling in the wind.
Of course the pretty white flakes melted as soon as they hit the ground. It should be back up to the mid 60's by the weekend.



  1. Oh Ilove your little snow topped house and it is gorgeous under your cloche. Your new chairs are beautiful. I love the style and the fabric. Great finds. Hugs, marty

  2. I absolutely LOVE the new chair Pam!!

  3. Love your new chair Pam! They are just like the ones I a recovering.

  4. That is a cute snow topped house and even more so inside the cloche! The chairs are very nice- love the details. We got snow and now we're watching it melt. We never know how November will go.

  5. Very pretty chair, & the whole vignette is lovely.

  6. Love the new chair Pam and the birdhouse under the cloche looks sooooooo sweet!

  7. The birdhouse is just too cute, love it under that cloche!!! What a great chair from HG, my favorite. I want similar chairs for our dining room for the new house when it is complete. Maybe I will get lucky.


  8. Pam, great find. I love the chair!!!! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one like that at my HomeGoods!

  9. I've started saying, "feed two birds with one seed." It sounds so much nicer than "kill two birds with one stone." :-)

  10. I love the chair. And, the birdhouse is a cute touch to the space. I had no idea you lived in Charlotte...we are neighbors. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!



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