Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Porch 2013

Christmas is next week.
As if you didn't know that.
How are you doing?
I mean, 
This week is crunch time and I just finished up my porch, which I totally put together at the last minute so it would at least look Christmasy when we had some friends over. 
I used the same red burlap ribbon to make a bow for the wreath. Then I added a some candy cane striped ribbon, and said:

It's good enough

You know you can make yourself crazy by fiddling with decorating and trying to make things perfect, especially when time is short or at the last minute.

Or is it just me?

Sometime's I just have to say "it's good enough".
You might remember my little blue spruce that I bought last year.
(Yup, I actually kept it alive for a WHOLE year.)
I just added a few red ornaments and some candy cane strip ribbon and said,

It's good enough 

So, if you're a little behind decorating your porch,
add some lights on faux green garland and say:
it's good enough

...fill up a bushel basket with burlap, pinecones, some red ornaments and a sprig or two of faux greenery and say:
it's good enough

Besides, your friends and family aren't coming over to see your decorations...hopefully, they are coming to see you. 
I heard my Great Aunt Lillian say something like that  to my mom many years ago when I was about 12 or 13 and I still remember it today. She and my Great Uncle Vince loved to travel and when they were in town, would drop by. 
I was one of 6 kids, so my mom (and dad) managed a busy household and the house wasn't always neat and tidy and it might have embarrassed my mom a little bit. 
But, my Great Aunt Lillian didn't care what our house looked like, she was coming to see us.
She wanted to see how we were doing and what new adventures we were getting into. 

So, this Christmas season, don't fret about making things perfect...
...make your guests feel welcome in your home and feed them some good food...and have good conversation.
and tell yourself....
"it's good enough" more often. 



  1. It looks better than good enough!! Very nice Pam!

  2. Amen to that thought! Most of the time we spend way too much energy worrying about how perfect things look if company comes over. Most likely they came to see you and aren't going to take notes on how well you keep your home. If they do then it's their loss! Your wreath, tee and basket look fab! Hugs from up north, Liz

  3. I so agree with you. I simplified this year, and I love it. It truly is "good enough". Thanks for the post!

  4. I love this philosophy and I am subscribing to it. Wholeheartedly. Merry Christmas Pam.


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