Saturday, February 22, 2014

Get Ready To Plant ~ Spring Is Almost Here!

Are you ready???

Spring is almost here! 

I know for some of you still buried under 2 feet of snow, that Spring seems a long way off, but it's only 25 days away and will be here before you know it.

Winter may linger awhile for some, but it's still coming.
Now is the time to start planting your cool season seeds, if you're in the South and it's time to plan your garden if you're further up North. 
Just a little note for those planting outside now before your frost date: Be sure to watch the weather report and cover your seedlings if it's going to be in the low 30's or below.

I've already purchased seed potatoes and planted some broccoli plants. 
For those of you who don't know, broccoli is a cool season veggie and will live through a little bit of snow when planted in the Fall. 
This weekend I will be planting my cool season veggies, which include some snow peas (my favorite), lettuce, and yes, more broccoli!

The past Spring and Fall, turnips did very well in our garden, but you know what? I don't really like them, so I won't be planting them this Spring. They are a cool season veggie, as well.

I never really liked broccoli until I grew it in our garden. 
Home grown broccoli is good with a little butter on it. 
It's really difficult to go back to eating store bought broccoli after growing it in your own garden.

Herbs are pretty easy to grow and some are gorgeous enough to put in your flower beds. Just make sure you don't spray the area with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 
This is oregano and is a perennial in most climates, so it will come back year after year.  Most herbs should be planted after the frost date, so be sure to look up when your's is before planting. You can also buy plants from your local store.

I plan my garden every year and rotate my plants to the next bed the following year. This is from a few years ago. 

You can always grow veggies in planters or even 5 gallon buckets and put them on a sunny patio or deck if you don't have garden space. Last year I planted green beans in some wood planter boxes that Mr. diy Design Fanatic made for me. 

In addition to growing veggies, I can't wait for our yard to be in full bloom like this again!

What are you planning on growing this year?

Happy Planting!


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  1. I have rosemary and thyme now. Will have basil this summer. No vegetables until we are here full time. I was just moving some of my invasive flowers around though.

  2. Pam...I remember when you and your hubby did all that hard work making your garden. The last picture is extraordinary. You should submit it to a gardening magazine!! I so envy you for planting early. I have tried starting seeds indoors but failed, even with "Gro Lights". So I start in late April or early May outdoors. I love broccoli straight from the garden and I've always used turnips in stews, you barely taste them!! Some of my friends cut them up into sticks and dip them in Ranch dressing...sort of bland.

    Keep us posted on how everything goes!


  3. You had a wonderful garden last year and I am looking forward to yours this year!!!

  4. You really have some amazing gardens Pam! I am so ready. We get a taste of it, and then it goes away.


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