Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Little Snow At The Mountain Cottage

Mr. DIY was up at one of his accounts yesterday,  which was near the Mountain cottage, so he decided to stop by after work to pick up his new favorite jacket that he left at the house a couple of weeks ago. 

The street was plowed,

but this is what he was greeted with when he got to the driveway.  
Notice the tire tracks that only go up about 30 ft.
Those would be his.
He hadn't planned on going to the house and didn't bring his tire chains and couldn't get up more than 30 ft up our steep driveway. 

So, he walked up.
I've walked up the 300 ft driveway with a 60 foot incline before, but not in snow. 

The photo of the Woodshed he built last summer looks good in black and white... does our wonderful view of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

...back to color. 
It looks so peaceful.

He texted me this photo and it took me a minute to wonder where his car was. 
Hehe, it was down the hill. 

We never tire of that view, whatever season it may be. 

Our kitchen reno is on hold until the snow melts and there's no threat of snow. We'll be working on the long list of projects we need to do at home for a couple of weeks. 

Wish I could have been there to see the snow on the ground. We only got an inch of ice from the where we are and that might be it for the season. Who knows, we might get lucky and get a few inches in a week or two.
After that, all bets are (most likely) off because Spring is only a month away!
Can't wait...Spring is my FAVORITE season.
What's yours?



  1. Ahh what a fun place to retreat to! Love the mountain view and the pictures of the wood shed. I bet the air smells great too! We won't talk about the snow we have up here! I'm anxious to see your kitchen! I know it's going to be so cute!

  2. Oh wow, what gorgeous scenery. Looks so pretty and peaceful.

  3. It's so gorgeous & that view is amazing!


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