Friday, February 6, 2015

Replacing the Basic Builder Lights In The Office

The basic builder lights in our office didn't give out much light at all, so Mr. DIY replaced them. 
We had two these lovely "boob" lights with a ceiling fan in the middle. The ceiling fan does not have a light on it. 

I found a couple of these drum shades at HomeGoods for $16.99 each. HomeGoods always has a good selection of shades to update your lamps.

Ikea has Hemma  drop cords for $5.00, so I bought two of them on one of our trips. We also bought a white light canopy kit (to cover the hole in the ceiling) for $6.98. 
Mr. DIY cut the cord to the length I wanted and wired them into the existing boxes in the ceiling. The shade just hangs over the top of the cord.

New light for $28.97? 
Not bad.
Especially considering I saw a similar one for $98 at the big blue box store. 

The new drum shade lights give off a good amount of light. 

The office now has a good amount of light to work in.
Now, to update that valance!
I guess we'll just have to make another trip to Ikea!



  1. You are so lucky to be near an Ikea! Just a little too far for me to be convenient...

  2. Nice!! And you're so blessed to have such a talented hubby!!!


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