Saturday, April 25, 2015

A New Chair For The Master Bedroom

You know when you're in the middle of several projects and you just can't seem to finish one of them? 

That's where we're at right now. 

We've always had a running project list, but  I'm not talking about that.
We're trying to get our house ready to put on the market by summertime, which involves painting the master bedroom, the master bath and the office/bonus room, spreading 350 bags of hardwood mulch, fixing any little things that need fixing, staging  important rooms and giving the house a thorough cleaning
If it would ever stop raining when Mr. DIY is here, we could get the mulch spread. I was able to help a little bit by making the mulch look pretty, but this week I came down with a really bad cold and have been in bed since Wednesday. 
A few weeks ago, we/Mr. DIY painted the office, but we still need to put a few final touches on the room. 
Meanwhile, I've been looking for a few furniture items and accessories to dress up the house and thought I'd share a recent find.

If you recall, we've had this traditional English rolled arm chair in our bedroom for several years now.  I thought I'd have the chair reupholstered since it's in good shape and really comfy, but the cost for just the labor would be more than $300. The fabric would probably be another $100+.

I knew I could find a brand new chair for around $300 and because I don't have the energy to shop around, I started my search online. I really lucked out and found a little discount place near me on Craigslist and found this little beauty. I love the nail head trim on the sides and front.

I have a modern little side table that comes in handy when I'm reading. 

The shop I bought it from sells new items that are closeouts from some big name companies. I also saw this chair on, but I bought it for more than $100 less. 

Mr. DIY picked the chair up for me and it seems perfect. for the corner of our bedroom.
We'll be selling our old chair (and a few other things) on Craigslist soon. 

Hope you're having a good day!



  1. Love the chair, Pam! Would you be willing to share a link or the name of the shop on Craigslist? I live in Greensboro, but frequently drive to Charlotte. If you'd rather, you could email it to me at Thanks!

    1. The store is actually SouthEast of Charlotte. You can follow them on Facebook here: Search for them on Charlotte Craigslist- she should be getting some new stuff in soon.

  2. Love that new chair and the nailhead detail!

  3. Love your chair got a great deal!!

  4. That's a great chair and it sounds like you got it for a perfect price! Sorry you caught a cold- I hope it goes away quickly.

  5. I love nailhead trim and yours is no exception: very nice buy! Hope you're feeling better, cold and more!


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