Saturday, August 15, 2015

Looking Forward To Fall

 I know Fall is still a month or so off, but the weather cools off around here at the end of August, which is only  a few more weeks away. In fact, mornings are already a little cooler and the days aren't as hot as they have been all summer long. I know we might have another heat spell, but it's comforting to know that all that hot summer weather is behind us. 

This year I'm really looking forward to mums in the garden...

and mums on a sweet breakfast room tablescape...

...or colorful Fall flowers on a more formal tablescape in the dining room.

Mums and pumpkins are so pretty on the porch and the front door adorned with a colorful Fall wreath.

I'm looking forward to dressing the family room mantel simply...

Oh, best of all are the Fall colors in the backyard, even if Fall brings a ton of leaves that have to be blown twice a week until they've all fallen to the ground.

The cooler weather makes the grass turn greener and lets new grass grow.

I'm looking forward to  simple Fall crafts...

...and of course, beautiful Fall colors at the Mountain Cottage...

Are you looking forward to Fall??? 
What's your favorite part?



  1. It is a beautiful time of the year isnt it Pam. I saw mums at the store the other day and wanted to buy bunches of them!

  2. Oh gosh, I love fall but I don't want to think about it yet! Still savoring the last few weeks of summer and it's HOT here this week!! All of your decorating for the season is lovely.

  3. I'm so ready too! We don't get all of that beautiful natural color here in Texas but it's wonderful to have the temps cool off.

  4. i love mums ... so when they become available in the Fall, I am the first in line to buy them!...I love filling my porches with them. I love your home and gardens in the Fall...always so beautiful!!!

  5. You probably know this, but it wouldn't hurt to remind/inform your readers: If you live in the north where leaves fall in the autumn, you don't have to rake and remove them. If you go over them with a lawn mower they get chopped up into small pieces of leaves. Then, if left on the lawn, the dew and rain will start them decomposing and they fertilize your lawn.

    1. We have so many trees that we have to take care of the leaves twice a week. Once when our lawn guy mows and once when my husband blows the leaves. He blows the leaves back in the woods in an open space and shreds the leaves with the mower, then piles the shredded leaves into a compost pile. Each year we have lots of good compost to spread wherever we need it.


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