Saturday, March 12, 2016

Waiting For Spring

Spring is coming up pretty quick. It seems like this Winter was so short!

Soon everything outside will be blooming and turning green.
Can you tell Spring is my favorite season of the year here in the Carolinas?

My apologies if you have allergies.

Soon we'll be sprucing up the porch and planting some Spring flowers in containers. 
And oh, the ferns.
I love me some ferns.
Sorry for the informal vernacular, it's just how much I love them!

It's currently near 80 degrees here and I'm hoping it cools off a bit for at least a few weeks until we get the mulch put down.
Winter is so hard on the yard and it's a mess until the mulch gets spread.

Our backyard is going to look like this in a few weeks. We'll be ordering 350 bags of mulch from the big blue box store because it's on sale and bags are easy to spread.

 This year we'll be putting down some cypress chips. We only put a fresh load down once every three years because they last that long.

Oh, how I love it when the trees are all leafed out!

 There won't be beautiful heads of lettuce growing this year as we took out all of our raised beds because we'll be putting our house up for sale in May. 

 Oh, how I'll miss this view...

...and this one too. 

Hope the weather is beautiful where you are.
Would love to know what your favorite season is.



  1. Your backyard looks fabulous! Here on the West Coast it's still raining tons but we've started some spring cleanup and planting.

  2. So pretty! I'm itching to get in the yard & plant but we've had TONS of rain & there's lots of drying out & weeding to do.

  3. Your yard and home is so lovely! I can't imagine your moving and leaving it. It all looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It will be sad to leave after 15+ years, but we just can't take care of it anymore like we used too. It seems that this house has gotten bigger in the past few years!


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