Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More Garage Organizing

Hello friends,

Our 5th and final trailer/pod with storage, miscellaneous furniture and garage items was delivered this past Saturday.
It's nice to have everything under our roof, but now we have more unpacking to do. 
I'm so glad Mr. DIY installed his wall of cabinets first because he was able to unpack many of his tools and equipment right away. 
Half of the garage is filled with the totes we stored in our basement at the last house. Those will be stored in our high crawl space once it's encapsulated in a few weeks. 

Before our storage items arrived, Mr. DIY installed a rail organizing system for the ladders, step stools, laundry baskets and drying rack.

There are several rail type wall organizers out there, but we chose the Gladiator system from Lowe's because they had the hooks that would work for what we needed to store. 

Here's the wall before.

The system is pretty easy to install . Just screw it into the studs and put the end caps on.

Then clip in the hooks. 

 The hooks slide along the rail system so you can adjust them where you want them.

Here's how the wall looks now...

A fairly easy project that didn't take much time.

Mr. DIY has a workbench to build and will be adding a few more cabinets above it and the garage will be all finished.

If you missed the post on the beautiful wall of garage cabinets, you can find it HERE.

Hope you're having a good week!


ps: neither Lowe's or Gladiator compensated me for this post in any way.


  1. Glad you are unpacking your very last Pod...what an accomplishment....You two do organizing so well...My hubby loves the Gladiator system..he has many of their organizing pieces in our garage too....

    1. We're getting there! Can't wait to get to more decorating.

  2. Everything you're doing to get organized looks great!!

  3. Wow that's great. My wife and I were thinking about picking some of these up from Lowes, now it's a definite must. Thanks Pam!


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