Saturday, December 8, 2018

Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

This time of year, blogs are filled with beautiful Christmas decor. By this time last year, our rooms were ready for Christmas!

This year, not so much!

Last week our daughter had a baby girl and she’s so cute.
Not that Mr. DIY and I are biased or anything because she’s our first grandchild, but she really is.

If you’d like to see a photo of her on the day she was born, you can find it on my Instagram page.

Back to ChristmasI’ll be doing minimal Christmas  decorating here  for 2 reasons. 1. because I’m not feeling well enough to do it. If you’ve been following
what I’ve been going through for the past several years and doing my best trying to get well and I am….I am hoping I will be in our backyard garden working this Spring.
If you’d like to follow my journey, you can do it HERE.

My 2nd reason for not overly decking the halls at Casa Fanatic is that we will be visiting our new grandbaby!
Both good reasons.

Now let’s get to the Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories!

First off, do you follow Shady Oaks Farm on Instagram? If not, you should!
I’m so glad I do because they posted that they had this cute lemon sign back in stock!farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

I thought it would be perfect for above the range at the mountain cottage, since it’s metal and just the right size!
farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook, farmhouse kitchen, white kitchen, range hood

The sign was so cute, I decided to keep it for the kitchen at the house we live in, so I ordered another sign for the mountain cottage and a few more things for our house.

farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

We don’t have a back splash in our kitchen (sounds like a great Winter project!), but the sign still looks cute above the cooktop.
farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

I’ve wanted some type of hook to hang  an apron on since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago (has it been that long?), but I hadn’t found
a cute hook until now.
farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

farmhouse decor, kitchen, coat hook

A big storm is coming our way this weekend and we don’t know how much we’ll be getting. Mr. DIY had planned to go to the mountain cottage this weekend, but lots of snow is forecasted for that area and he didn’t want to get stuck there and leave me home alone. Isn’t he sweet?

Well, that’s all for now.
Maybe next week I’ll have some Christmas decor to show you.
If you’d like to see more from Shady Oaks Farm, you can see their website HERE.


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  1. Love the sign and the new hook. Is it really 2 1/2 years already? Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! She’s beautiful and I’m sure you are anxious to meet her in person!


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