Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Window Treatments For The Family Room


I'm ashamed to admit this, but this is how the window looked in our Family Room for uh, 
at least a year
or so.

The blind on the right just downright broke and fell down. 

The string on the blind in the middle is broken and the slats don't hang straight. 
I had plans to sew some fancy burlap trimmed roman shades, but I never got around to it. 
Well, we have been a little busy with the reno at the Mountain Cottage.

I had a few of these bamboo roman shades from Home Depot that I had bought for the Mountain Cottage. I brought them home because I changed my mind and was going to bring them back because I wanted to make some fabric Roman Shades for the upstairs bedroom
 (we'll see how that goes)

 Mr. DIY put them up, but they really should have been about one inch wider for a perfect fit.

They still were better than a missing and broken blind. 

Ikea to the rescue! I thought the same curtains we have in our Breakfast Room would be perfect to cover up the gaps. Mr. DIY picked up a couple pars of  Vivan curtains at Ikea on the way home one day for $9.99 each. Gotta love that!

He picked up a black 10ft rod at Ikea for $7.99. 

The curtains are about an inch too long and I might shorten them.

or not...

What do you think?
Should I shorten them or not???


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January Vignette In The Foyer

Now that the Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away, something pretty had to fill their place on the dresser in the Foyer. 

I brought out an antique furniture leg that was found in my grandmother's basement many years ago and placed it next to some vintage books, along with an antique key and a tall candleholder. 

I set out one of my favorite candy dishes, given by my brother and sister in law back in the 90's(?) I had seen that same dish in a catalog that year and I was so surprised when I opened the gift!

I set out the Valentine Vintage Hearts and hung them on some bare branches in a crystal vase.  I made them a couple of years ago from some fabric that my grandmother made me a dress out of when I was in elementary school.. Stop by that post to see how I made them...If you follow the link at the bottom of that post, you'll see a photo of me when I was about 8 years old wearing the dress my grandmother made me. 

I think the Framed Chalkboard makes a great backdrop for just about any vignette. 

Thanks for stopping by today!
Hope you are staying warm during this cold Winter month of January. 

What are you decorating with now that all your Christmas decorations have been taken down?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Inspiration And Designing The Vintage Style Pantry

A few days ago I revealed the Vintage Style Pantry at the Mountain Cottage. 
Today I wanted to share a little about how the space was designed and where our inspiration came from.

I would like to say my inspiration came from the above photo, but it didn't. I actually saw this photo on a Facebook post yesterday. The above photo has a lot of elements that I had in my mind when I began designing our pantry; wide plank wood floor, beadboard backing, thin wood stained countertop, wide vertical partitions and baskets. 

I just have to marvel at how gorgeous the above space is! Of course it's in a huge multi-million dollar home.
But, when you're looking for inspiration, you can look at fabulous photos and adapt your inspiration photo to fit your space and how you're going to use the space. 

I always start designing a project with some inspiration photos.
Pinterest is always my go to place for inspiration and I started searching for pantries and added photos to my Mountain Cottage board. (You can see that board HERE.) 
I soon realized I wanted the pantry to have a vintage feel to it with a stained wood countertop and a painted cabinet.

This is the first photo I pinned as inspiration for the Vintage Style Pantry. I definitely wanted the lower part of the cabinet to be deeper and have a countertop. 

Here's our second inspiration photo from The Vintage Wren.

The Vintage Wren

I thought a kitchen cart on wheels would give the kitchen a little more workspace should we need it, so that began my search for kitchen cart inspiration. 

I love this kitchen cart from A Beach Cottage, only I wanted the legs to be a very light grey instead of white, so it wouldn't compete with the white kitchen cabinets. It also needed four wheels so it could roll out easily. 

A Beach

Mr. DIY used the photo of this kitchen cart from Home Decorators to build ours. 
Home Decorators

Here's the kitchen cart Mr. DIY made before I painted it. He bought the wood legs, shelf slats and the butcher block top from Lowe's. The wood top was wide enough to make the countertop for the cabinet on the right side. Having the top, the legs and the slats pre-cut saved him a good bit of time. 

Many times, an element in the design will change mid-project.
Once the cabinets and shelves were installed and the cart was made, we were going to make a white painted peg rack to hang aprons on. Then,  I saw a great reclaimed wood hook rack on Jenna Sue Design and thought something like this would look better.
Jenna Sue Design

We were going to use a new 1 x 6 and make it look old, but Mr. DIY found a piece of wood from an old wood platform outside the mountain cottage. I thought it was perfect, so after cleaning it up, I sprayed several coats of poly (no stain) and Mr. DIY added some oil rubbed bronze hooks. 

I found the oil rubbed bronze coat hooks on

As you can see, we ended up putting a smaller painted peg rack in the cabinet on the right in the beverage station area

Good planning, being flexible and perseverance makes for a great finished project. It took us about two months to build and finish the pantry.

Now you have the inside scoop on how a project is inspired and designed at the mountain cottage. 
What is your favorite way to design your projects? I would love to hear about it.

ps: If you missed the post on the Mountain Cottage Vintage Style Pantry, you can see it HERE