Saturday, August 30, 2014

Building A Woodshed

While I was in Southern California last week helping my dad, Mr. DIY went to the Mountain Cottage and built a big woodshed on the weekend for all the wood we have. It took a lot of wood to build the woodshed and he had to make several trips to get it all up there.

Mr. DIY used this 4 1/2" compact circular saw by Rockwell to cut all the wood, which made the job quite a bit easier. (Rockwell did not compensate me in any way for this shout out)

He staked a fairly level spot and marked it off with some cement blocks.

He put black plastic down to kill the grass and so no weeds will come up underneath it.  He set down 20 cement blocks (10 stacks, 2 high)  and built the frame for the floor with 2 x 8s.

He place 1/2" plywood over the frame for the floor. If he were going to build this again, he might put 3/4" plywood, but 1/2" will do the job.  He only had a couple of hours the first day, so this is as far as he got as the sun was setting.

The second day, he got up pretty early and started building the framing for the walls. I was at a family gathering and every couple of hours he would send me a new photo of his progress and I couldn't wait to get the next one to share it with everyone.  Our oldest daughter, who lives in SoCal  and who was with me at the time, seemed astonished that her dad could build something! She said it was like we were Amish and that we could probably build a house. 
We would definitely need some help doing that!

Looking pretty good! A friend drove up with his son on the 2nd day and it was nice to get a little help for several hours.

He used dog eared 1/2" x 6" cedar picket fence boards with a space between the boards for air circulation.

It was raining lightly, but Mr. DIY worked in the rain getting the tar paper up. He said it was better than working in blistering heat. It didn't rain for long and he was able to get the shingles on.
Yes, it's very large, but we have a lot of wood! The woodshed measures 16 ft long x 6 ft deep and is 6ft tall in the front and 5 ft tall in the back

All finished. 

I'd say he did a really good job. What a great weekend project!

Are you working on a project this labor day weekend or 
are you just relaxing with your family?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook and let me know!


ps: all the wood he used was pressure treated, except for the roof and the fence pickets
He also used galvanized nails because of the pressure treated wood

Disclaimer: The above post is about how we built our woodshed. We don't take any responsibility for any errors or results obtained from using this information. Using power tools can result in injury. When using power tools, use safety equipment.


  1. Wow, he did really good. Love the shed it is perfect. What a super project.

  2. NOW that is a handy man right there! NICE. Have a great weekend Pam.

  3. That compact & lightweight circular saw looks to be the perfect tool for dealing with projects involving lots of 2x pine!
    Great item for the tool arsenal.

  4. Well done! It really turned out great!
    You're really making the mountain cottage your own!


  5. I think it's just fantastic that he built this without help and had it done in a weekend!! Amazing! It looks good, too! We sure could use one. I'm doing a post tonight which involves hubby's second truckload of wood and the new wood splitter he bought. We have a fireplace and a wood burning stove in the lakehouse.

    Thanks for popping in! I hope to get more regular about blogging now that summer is winding down.



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