Monday, September 29, 2014


Isn't it wonderful when you get a multi project space finished after it taking many, many, months of work?

 Even though we still have a couple of  projects left to do in this space, we are considering the upstairs bedroom at the mountain cottage finished, now that the closet and closet doors are installed and painted! 
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet, diy
Can you feel my excitement... and my relief?
When I crawl into the soft, cozy bed upstairs, it's very satisfying to know that we're making headway. 

Here's the original plan we had for the upstairs bedroom, bathroom and closet:

This is the space before we even took the wallpaper down. The flat panel door is the entry door to the bedroom. The space to the left was unusable and the perfect place to put a closet. 

This is the closet in the rough framed stage. After framing, he drywalled the framing and trimmed it out. 

Mr.DIY started off making the closet doors with a full sheet of plywood which he cut to fit the closet opening plus about 2 1/2" of overlap because they would be sliding doors and one goes in front of the other. 

He used his mini-circular saw for the job. (no, we weren't given any compensation or a free tool for this)


3/4" wood screen bead molding (similar to scribe, but rounded on both edges) was used to cover the rough ends of the plywood. He used wood glue and brads to attach the scribe to the plywood. 

For the front of the doors, he split 1 x 3's in half, depth wise.

These were placed on the front side of the doors, to create a Craftsman style framed look. He attached them with wood glue. 

After filling all the holes and gaps, the doors were primed. (my job)

Mr. DIY installed a Stanley bi-pass door track, which came in a kit. We didn't just want to paint the metal, so Mr. DIY cut down a piece of molding and glued it over the metal track.( see next photo)

All finished!
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet

 This closet has 52" of short hanging space, plus a big wood shelf. The closet rod is metal and the shelf sits on wood cleats. There is a 3" deep support in the middle, which is held in by friction. Eventually, we will install a light in the closet that comes on when you open the door.
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet, diy

Everything was painted with Benjamin Moore Decorator White. The trim is in semi-gloss and the walls are eggshell. The top surface of the shelf was sealed with Minwax water based PolyAcrylic so that nothing would stick to the paint. 

Here's the space we "stole" BEFORE:

And here's the space AFTER: There's still plenty of space to the left of the closet for a 66" wide dresser and a chair. 
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet, diy

Here's the view which shows the storage shelves and the closet on either side of the door. Shoes and folded items can be stored on the shelves. If we were to live here someday, we might want to put doors on the shelves. We consider the space as you enter the room the closet. (remember, we took out the original closet and put in the Worlds Smallest Half Bath). 
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet, diy

If you missed the post of how we built the custom storage shelves, you can find it HERE.
Closet organization, closet storage, storage, custom closet, diy

52" isn't much hanging space for clothes, but we plan to build more 3 feet more closet space when we enclose the space just outside the  upstairs bedroom. That will give us more closet space than we had upstairs when we bought the mountain cottage. 

Now that the bedroom is finished and is habitable, we've turned our attention to the kitchen. Of course there's a project we have to do before we start ripping out those lovely cabinets. We should be finished with our vintage style pantry in another weekend or two. Then, the kitchen reno is is on.
Can't wait. Hope you come back to see the updates. 



Disclaimer: The above post is about how we built a closet. We don't take any responsibility for any errors or results obtained from using this information. Using power tools can result in injury. When using power tools, use safety equipment.


  1. That was a very logical space to "steal"! It would have been pretty much wasted space so now it's funcitonal! Your handyman there is quite a gem! The doors came out perfect and he did a great job on the installion! You must be so tickled to come up there now and finally be able to say it's done!

  2. Wow! It's not like you used any "usable" space to do this. Such a great idea.

  3. You and your husband are such an incredible team! I love seeing your projects. That was a great place to add the closet. I like the shelves open, doors just get in the way. Now I must be off to see if you've posted pics of the worlds smallest bathroom anywhere. I've got lots of catching up to do! Hope your doing well!

    1. Thanks Mary! The link to the World's Smallest Halfbath is in RED above where I mention it.

  4. It looks great Pam!! Can't wait to see the kitchen!


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