Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Place For Everything and Everything In It's Place- In The Kitchen

Is your Spring Cleaning finished yet?

Nope, mine's not finished either. 

I did wash a lot of pollen off the front porch today, but I think that's about it for me.
I do love to keep organized and clean things out, but I tend to do an area at a time, rather than 
the whole house. 
The kitchen is one area that I like to keep organized. Being organized helps you keep things clean and makes it easy to find things when you need them.

For being organized, my motto is " a place for everything, and everything in it's place"

The cabinet under our cooktop was pretty big to start off with, but it didn't have a shelf, so there wasn't enough room to hold all of our pots and pans. Mr. DIY picked up an already painted shelf at Lowes, cut it to size, then set it inside the cabinet with some shelf pins.  It gave us a lot more room so the pots don't have to be stacked up.

These aren't the pots and pans we use at our house- I bought a new set for our Mountain Cottage and thought they would look better in the photos.

In the interest of honesty, here are the pots we use. I've since purchased 2 additional 8" and 9" sauce pans and found a space for our Crockpot in this cabinet.

Did you happen to notice the floor of the cabinet??? Our house is only a couple of years old and we didn't want the cabinets to look like this:

If you remember, before we put our last house on the market, we covered the wear and tear with some easy to install and inexpensive vinyl tile we found at Lowes. Each cabinet cost about $6. If you missed the post that showed how it was installed, you can find it HERE.

 Mr. DIY installed the tile in the cabinets that get a lot of wear and tear such as the sink cabinet, the cooktop cabinet and the cabinet over the ovens. He also installed vinyl tile in the laundry room cabinets. He hasn't done the bathrooms yet, but those will get the same treatment. 

A Super Simple Way to Keep Potholders Organized... to use Command hooks. Our kitchen is a bit smaller than our last house and there isn't a drawer near the cooktop to store them in, so I just added 2 Command hooks to the inside of the door. They keep potholders handy. You can also do this with the brushes under your sink. Command hooks don't require putting a hole in the door and if you want to change the placement, they don't leave a mark when removed.

Another space we needed to keep organized is in the oven cabinet. This cabinet organizer from from Rev A Shelf is available at Lowes. (more than one set is shown in this cabinet) You can find them HERE

The dividers keep our cookie sheets, muffin pans, platters and some other pans so organized. Everything has it's place. I do have to mention, that some of the plastic pieces ghat attach the metal to the bottom of the cabinet have broken and Mr. DIY had to purchased some hardware to shore it up. 
we purchased 3 sets of dividers for this Cabinet.

We still have more organizing to do in the kitchen....The kitchen drawers need organizers and we plan on installing roll out trays in every cabinet. 
Being organized makes it possible to have a place for everything you need.

Happy organizing!


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