Saturday, April 15, 2017

Table For Two for Easter

This year it may be just the two of us- Mr. DIY and I. Our daughter made plans  to go to Charleston this weekend without realizing it was Easter. She may be back in time for dinner and than we'll add another place setting.

The weather has been so lovely that I thought we'd have dinner out on the screened porch. Why be cooped up inside when it's so gorgeous outside? 

We always use our wedding china for our Easter dinner - the colors of green, pink and blue are so perfect. 

Nothing new for this tablescape... oh, wait...
There is something new to me.  It's the Fenton hobnail milk glass opalescent cake stand. It was in our family(a wedding gift to our parents) and our daughter brought it out from California when she visited us a few weeks ago. I am so blessed to have it!

I may change out the wreath with the basket on the front door.

No sooner did I have that thought...

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!



  1. Happy Easter! If I'm not mistaken, that is not a milkglass cake plate, it is opalescent. It's beautiful. .

    1. You're right Marie! I was looking online and found that it was opalescent and not milk glass last evening. I will correct it! Thanks.

  2. What a lovely, beautiful table and entire outdoor setting. The weather was SO gorgeous for the entire weekend: our daughter was here for four days. It's always sad to see her go! But being outside has been such a pleasure recently. We don't have a screened porch, so as soon as the bugs come, we have to go inside. I'm thinking of trying an outdoor fan! Have you ever had one, or know whether they help at all? (bugs and/or heat?)

  3. Beautiful Pam...and I love the rug too! i bought a similar cake stand for my sister years ago...loved it...You have a most beautiful view! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


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