Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Kitchen Reno Open Shelves At The Mountain Cottage

The open shelves at the Mountain Cottage are finished and they turned out great!

Mr. DIY wasn't sure they'd hold much weight being floating shelves, but I was confident he would be able to build them strong.

Oh, we went back and forth; should they have shelf brackets or not. If so, what color? Painted white or iron. 

Oh, the choices!

I knew I wanted them to be white because 
one of our next projects is  a custom wood range hood and that was going to be stained wood.

The left side is only 22" and was originally going to hold  a very small microwave. There's an outlet behind the cutting board just in case we change our mind.

The shelves on the right side of the range are 40" wide.  We originally were going to stack dishes, bowls, etc. on this side, but we decided to add a single door wall cabinet next to the refrigerator. Who knows, things may get rearranged 2 or 3 times... or continuously!

We chose to do only 2 shelves because: 
1. I wanted the kitchen to look open and airy and 3 shelves tend to make things look busy and 

2. Because we don't live here. I think if this were our primary kitchen, we may have put in another shelf on each side. 
Then again, if we lived here, we would have installed cabinets to the ceiling!

There they are...all ready for the custom range hood to be built!

Mr. DIY just installed the cabinet hardware today!

Here's how the kitchen looks with the open shelves as you walk in. Remember how it looked when we bought the house? You can find that link at the bottom of the post.

With the open shelves finished, it's on to building the banquette and the custom wood range hood.

Have a great week!

You can find out how bad the kitchen at the mountain house looked  in the Before Tour... It's the last photo of the tour. You can find it HERE.

You can also read about how Mr. DIY made the open shelves by clicking HERE.


  1. It looks awesome! I love it! That's a great paint color as well! -Emily

  2. I personally don't like open shelf units. It's obviously going to be easier to build floating shelves than actual cabinetry, but the idea of there being dust and dirt and oil and grime on all my kitchen ware when they are covered up makes me feel entirely gross!


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