Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California Here We Come

I stayed up very late (early) last night and purchased airline tickets to Southern California for Spring Break!
I think it's been 2 or 3 years since we have visited our family and friends in the area. I'm flying off with my two girls sans Mr. Fanatic. This will be a first for me. Who is going to carry our bags???????????

This is our always our first stop once we get off the plane...Problem is, we are arriving on Easter Sunday at 1:30 & there is sure to be a big feast at one of my siblings house .... DOESN'T MATTER. The burgers are so good all of us have dreams about Double Doubles. Seriously!

Major DROOL .....

But, after that, what to do? We've done this:

We definitely have to go to Seal Beach. The photo is of Main Street in Old Town. Our old church is right behind Main Street. My youngest daughter has already asked about going to the Shell Shop. (The shop that is painted aqua blue in the photo.) I used to take them there when they were little & give them 2 dollars each to buy something they liked. This would entertain them for at least forty five minutes . (The shells are VERY cheap there)
I am not sure what else we will do ... OK, I know ... I'm going to be shopping because I'm going with my girls! Melrose, The Grove, South Coast Plaza. Maybe it's a good thing that Mr. F isn't going!

We are arriving on Easter and leaving the following Friday, so we don't have much time. Any other suggestions for places to go?



  1. Sounds like a fabulouse vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time...

  2. OMG.....I love in and out burger the best burger EVER!!!!~ First time ever was in Arizona, I still think about that place!!~ Lucky you Pam! Have a blast!

  3. Oh, it is very good that he isn't going. Sounds like fun. Just you and the girls. Shop til you drop.

  4. We went to the LA Grove a couple of months ago and they have the most amazing farmers market with food from every culture you could possibly think of! Unfortunately for us we didn't discover it until we'd already eaten at Johnny Rockets:( We live in Laguna Hills, not that far from Seal beach...I'll have to go there sometime. Shopping with your girls sounds like so much fun!!!

  5. Sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy it!

  6. Sounds like a fabulous vacation! I love California!!! I've only been once but I fell in love with it!


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