Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Got a Painting Bug ...

OK, I'm guilty of being inspired by all the blogs that are transforming things with paint. I've been painting everything lately: tin vases, clay pots, picture frames ... you get the idea. One of the items was this tin box I've had for years. I use it to hold my Lipton tea bags. When I bought it, the finish was a distressed creme. One day I wanted it to be oil rubbed bronze, so I painted it. It didn't come out very well. It was too ugly to photograph. So, a few days ago I spray painted it black. Why not? I seemed to be painting everything in the house black ... Loved it ...

The problem is ... there was too much black on the counter.

So, I decided to paint it green. I used craft paint which was a little dull.

So, I distressed it a little with sandpaper. It looked a little better.

The black paint showing through makes it more interesting.

But, since it was a matte finish, I had to add a clear shiny coat.

Voila! I like it! 

The center picture frame used to be gold. Painted that, too. I'm dangerous with a can of spray paint. Do you have the paint bug lately like I do? Or is it just me?

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  1. Love the green with the distressed look! That would look great in my kitchen!

  2. Ok Pam, I'm going to share a little secret! I used to spray paint anything that was standing still! For years I had a space in an antique mall and what I did was paint old furniture, then "distress" it until the old finish came through. If you sand it with sandpaper, it leaves scratches. Here's the secret: get a soft cloth, dip it in lacquer thinner and slightly rub where you want the underneath to show through. Easy peasy!
    Your box is gorgeous green with the black showing through!

  3. Thanks for the tip Delores! I will have to get some lacquer thinner for my next project! On this project I used a fine sandpaper & had to be very careful sanding the raised design. I did have to touch up a few spots, though.

  4. You did a great job. Amazing what a little paint can do:)

  5. Looks nice! Love your kitchen too, I love dark cabinets! Could never go back to white ever again! Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh I love it in green! That's one of my favorite colors. I was reading vignette's designs tip...very good idea, I've also heard of people using wax to distress wihtout scratching too. Anywho, your little tin looks awesome!

  7. GREAT JOB!!!
    I too LOVE painting to refresh tired objects... I love it but my hands, nose and garage do not... LOL

    :D Lynda

  8. I'd paint my kids if they would stand still long enough! Just kidding! I love the green. I'm on a green kick! Stop by my painting blog and say hello sometime! Blessings, Jennifer

  9. I love the green too, and the bit a black showing thru makes the detail stand out. I just picked up a can of Olive Green spray paint today so by this time tomorrow (later today)I too will have a few green things around the house. It just occurred to my that it is St. Patrick's Day so the green is appropriate.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice - it adds a touch of color and matches perfectly with that napkin! Oh, and it's green for St Patrick's Day!

  11. Oh, you're not the only one! I paint EVERYTHING! Actually just started my own small business refinishing furniture bc I love to paint so much. I like how the tin turned out with the black peeking through...keep on painting! -shaunna :) (passing through from power of paint)

  12. very fun, that's a great shade of green

  13. Very pretty color!


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