Friday, March 5, 2010

Coming soon ... Master Bath Tile Floor

My master bath is about to get better, but not before it gets worse! Mr. Fanatic is going to be using a week of his vacation time to (with my help) to replace the vinyl flooring in the bathroom & the worn out carpet in the walk in closet with tile. Here is the way the master bath looks now:

You can see more photos of the Master Bath here.
Looks great, but ....there's a reason why you don't see the flooring in the photo ....
                                                        Because it looks like this:

We didn't have the builder install tile, but their selection was, lets say, limited.
 So, starting tomorrow this bath is going to be a wreck! But in a week or two it's going to look great!!!

Wish us luck!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. This bathroom looks very good and I cant wait to see what tile you guys choose.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. The masters bathroom looks amazing. The bath tiles adds beauty to its color and uniqueness. I like to apply this with my Pavé Tiles as well. Thanks for giving me idea and hope you can post more.


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