Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fabric Barn

I still haven't finished telling you about the FIRST day of last week's Los Angeles Shopping Tour with my girls. After having breakfast with grandpa/dad, spending time in Seal Beach and then going to Art Supply Warehouse, we were famished. So, we headed off for lunch at In-N- Out Burger.

Oh......they were sooooooooooooooo good! Yum. It had been about 2 1/2 years since our last Double-Double. You know when you start dreaming about a burger, it's time to go eat one!
After In-N-Out, we headed on over to my favorite craft supply store in Long Beach called Fabric Barn. They have some fabric, but mostly ribbons, laces, trims, wedding supplies, shower supplies, etc. I have never  found any place cheaper than Fabric Barn. All of you within driving distance of this place should make a trip if you haven't been. It is definitely worth it.  Any of you crafters & decorators out there ever been to Fabric Barn?
The last time I was there you could by things by the yard, but they have since replaced this system & for most items you buy it by the roll. I did anyway. If you enlarge the photo you can see that a whole spool of ribbon is only a couple of dollars.

Cute butterflies. I bought some the last time I was here.
...little flowers and more butterflies of all sizes and colors
Here's what I purchased. Not much, but considering I already have about 24 boxes of craft supplies...!
I bought these 9" paper lanterns for my daughters graduation party.

 So that was the end of day 1 of our Los Angeles Shopping Tour. On Tuesday we went up to Los Angeles with some friends to Melrose Avenue, a trendy street full of interesting places to shop.

I hope you'll come back for a visit to see the interiors of these interesting stores.

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  1. Ok seriously my mouth did water when I saw that burger, they are the best! Have you been to cook out here in our area? They are pretty good, still not as good though as in and out!~ Your trip looks awesome Pam!

  2. How fun, I'll have to check it out next time I go up north! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Pam,

    I just discovered your blog from Pinterest this morning, and I commented about the fabulous armoire you made for your eldest DD.

    I also browsed your blog and noticed you were into a lot of different design and craft projects.

    Have you discovered Mary Jo's fabric in Gastonia, NC??
    They have tons of dressmaking, home decor, and upholstery fabrics as well as special laces and trims for both dressmaking and home decor there. Many costume designers working on movies get stuff from Mary Jo's---the one everyone remembers is The Patriot, since most of the battles was filmed down the road in Coffey, SC.

    My mom has a degree in landscape design and has worked on the gardens of a lot of her friends and the churches she's attended. She also does the church flowers and Christmas decorations and is amazing at it. I am a few credits short of a BS in Interior Decorating from Bob Jones, in Greenville, SC.

    My mom and I have been doing crafty stuff together for years. My husband and I moved for his work right after we got married 12 years ago, so there was a 10 year gap where we were in Detroit and then Chicago (we *adore* Chicago, but we're happier being closer to our aging parents) I also got sick in that time frame and am just starting to do more and more outing with my mom and help her with her church and home projects.

    There's a lot of interesting craft and floral supply places in the Raleigh area if you're ever interested. We'd also know where the really good places are and what's not worth your time if you took a day trip to Raleigh to check out suppliers.

    I took quite a few classes in sewing to go with my ID degree, and I'm finally setting up a studio in the next couple of months. I really want an adjustable sewing mannequin so I can redo some dresses I've bought and alter some others as well as make other clothes from patterns,etc. I'm just so confused about quality, features I need, etc. (I'm a size 12-14 with a 38DD, so obviously I need something more customizable than s/m/l --If you have any ideas about this or know someone who does, I would really appreciate the help.

    I am bookmarking your blog and am looking forward to discovering more fabulous craft ideas/diy home projects--especially ones that can be used in an apartment, such as floor protection for my studio space, and storage ideas.

    the artist in the Raleigh NC area


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