Friday, April 16, 2010

Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Today I thought I'd continue telling you about some cool places we went during our trip to the Los Angeles area last week. I would have posted each day while we were there, but since we were staying at my dad's house & he didn't have the internet, I couldn't. Talk about SERIOUS internet withdrawal!!
Anyway, on Tuesday we spent the day on Melrose Avenue with my friend Linda and her daughter. It was so nice that she was able to take some time off of work and come with us. Our last visit to California I called her at the last minute to meet us at In-N-Out for one last burger. So glad we were able to spend the whole day together.
We went into a lot of trendy & cute shops on Melrose Some were pricey and some offered bargains. Even though I didn't purchase anything for myself, I still had a lot of fun going to shops that my girls loved. Of course we ate at the  In-N-Out Burger in Hollywood before we arrived on Melrose Avenue. The burgers, again were excellent!
My girls had to stop at Tarina Tarantino's boutique. They each had purchased a very expensive ring (for what it was made out of) the last time we were there in '07. Tarina's other boutiques are in SoHo & Milan. Enough said!  It is always a fun place to visit (anyway) because the interior of the store is really great!
My oldest daughter had pink hair as pink as the models in the photos in the window. Oy! I still have ruined towels with pink dye on them to prove it!
See what I mean about how cute this store is?

You know the goods are expensive when the items are displayed like this.
Here are the girls smiling for the camera.
I thought these earrings were cute!
Another boutique I thought was fun was Betsey Johnson's. I describe her as the Cyndi Lauper of designers.

Here the girls are again. So pretty.
Here's the dressing room area. The guys & parents really appreciate all the seating.

I didn't buy anything in Betsey Johnson's boutique, but some of her line is often found at Marshall. In fact, I purchased one of her bags this week. It's pretty wild for me, anyway. I'm allowed to buy something like this once in awhile even though I'm 50, aren't I??? What do you think?

The best bargains on Melrose were found at BCBG/Max Azria's Final Cut. For those of you who missed the previous post, my oldest daughter is going to 3, possibly 4 proms in the coming weeks. You can read more here. She found 2 dresses at Final Cut. One was $29.99 & the other was $39.99. Unbelievable!!! The shoes she found the next day in the Garment District for $30.

We found the shoes at a shop in the garment district in Los Angeles on Wednesday. I love those shoes, but you should see how high the heel is!

I am saving a really great shop on Melrose Avenue for tomorrow. The store is unbelievably cute & the story behind the business & how the entrepreneur got started is really phenomenal. Here's a clue:
Wishing everyone a terrific weekend! I am on my way outside to plant flowers in containers on my deck. Hope you'll come back for a visit tomorrow. 
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  1. First let me say your daughters are adorable! But you knew that already!!~ And yes of course you are allowed to buy Betsey stuff it is so cute! I loved this shop you where in, you sure packed a lot in!

  2. Looks like a great time!!
    Love the bag!

  3. Your daughters are gorgeous, and you are 50? Stop it! Seriously, you look wonderful! Makes me want to go take a trip to LA!

  4. Nice post!! I have read some of your posts and is really impressed. I am adding your blog to my RSS Feed reader.


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