Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solar Patio Lights

I guess since everyone is celebrating earth day, a post on solar patio lighting is apropos. I just chose solar lights because they were easy to install, don't add to the electric bill, they serve the intended purpose & they look great!
As most of you know, I am getting my house ready to sell. We are also planning to throw a  High School Graduation party for my oldest daughter in June. For both of these reasons I am decorating & sprucing up my home & garden. Our patio on the edge of our woods has always needed lighting since we use it often at night.
So, a whole aisle full of solar patio lights  at Walmart on a recent visit caught my eye. They had several different styles in different price points. There were also 3 different finishes in this style light.I purchased 12 of these lights for $5 each and brought them home.

Before I installed them I tested one of the lights out to see if they would work since they were going to be installed in a shaded area. On the "test" day the sun never even came out, but the light collected enough sunlight to burn the light & it was still lit at 11 pm.
Installing these lights is really easy. The first thing that needs to be done to activate the light is take off the cap & pull out the orange strip.
Next, pull the stake out of the bottom part of the tube & attach it with the point down. No tools needed :)

Then you just stick it in the ground where you want it placed. That's it. No wires & no electricity needed : )

Don't they look great?
Just had to throw in a photo of my little birdies I found on an anniversary weekend up in the mountains. I love those little guys.

The lights aren't super bright, but they provide enough light so that we can walk back to the house in the dark without tripping on anything and I am very happy with them. I have also seen similar solar lights at Lowe's, Home Depot & Target. Some are as low as $3 each.
I love working out in the garden any chance I get and am decorating & planting some flowers on basement patio & the patio in the woods. I hope to show you those soon. Hope you will come back for a visit soon.

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  1. Those lights are great and don't break the bank! Your yard looks awesome!

  2. This is my favorite "living space" I think because I just love everything about it! I also got some solar lights last summer, and didn't have too many issues with the shade during the day. I'm guessing that you have to change the batteries at some point?? I'm thinking we need to do something like your patio in our back yard. Just gorgeous!!

  3. WOW!!!! Your lights and yard are beautiful!!!!! I am your newest follower. Have a great day!
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  4. hello Pam.... its so nice to be here on your blog.I never knew about it... its really lovely one. Like your lamp shade, its one of my favourite hobby.. really love it...

  5. hello fellow north carolinian! thanks for stopping by over at my blog :) I just have to say, i am J-E-A-L-O-U-S of this adorable little patio! i so want one. i think i love it so much because the pavers remind me of the yellow brick road. so cute, love the lights, done typing, going to search around your blog :)
    take care!

  6. Nice garden lights. I always love seeing pictures of your lovely garden.

  7. Beautiful patio area. Solar lights-- great idea.

  8. I wonder if you could connect enought solar light and then bring them indoors?

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  9. Very nice lights... I didn't know they would work in shade!

  10. Your post makes me want to run out and begin working in the garden right now...but it is 10:30pm...guess it can wait until tomorrow.

    Seriously though, the lights look great, as does your garden space. We were looking at solar lights Friday night. They seem so convenient and they are attractive too.

    Becky K
    Hospitality Lane

  11. What a lovely spot!


  12. What a peaceful garden...You really just stick the lights in the ground? No wiring at all? How easy is that! I will have to try some.
    Are you in N.C. now? or about to leave? I couldn't tell. We are moving down to Chapel Hill within the year...can't wait!

  13. What a wonderful spot to relax. It's obvious that you've worked hard and have put a lot of love and TLC into your yard. It's beautiful. Thank you for linking to the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  14. Hi I'm stopping by from Transformation Thursday...I am falling in love with your outdoor room! I drew up a design last night and would love to have something like this in our backyard...beautiful and thanks for the inspiration!

  15. What an enchanting area. These solor lights are an ideal addition. I am a new follower and will be back soon. Hope you have a chance to come say hello.


  16. Hi, my first time visit from romantic home - you don't know how many times I've tried solar lights. They just aren't bright enough for what I need, but today your post reinstate my yearning again, and have me thinking. Good job, I think for the right purpose, they are awesome. Come visit me when you can. :-)

  17. Those lights look great - and I am so jealous of your beautiful yard! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired last week.


  18. Thanks for linking up at my Bring in the Spring party! I am so jealous, I love that space you have outdoors. I really want solar lighting outdoors, I just haven't got around to get any. What a great place you have outdoors! Thanks for sharing it!

  19. You're patio is beautiful and the solar lights are great for conserving energy.

  20. Wow I really love the place. Wish someday to have a patio like yours. Beautiful! :)

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