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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nightstand Paint Makeover

I'm finally finished with the nightstand for my youngest daughters room. We purchased some furniture from Craigslist for my oldest daughter's room which was sold as a set of 2 nightstands and and an armoire. We used one of the nightstands, but since they both had a black distressed finish, I had to refinish one for my other daughter's room. This is what it looked like before. Sorry for the bad photos ...

First I had to sand the paint down. I sanded  the corners down to the wood because my daughter wanted a distressed look with some of the wood showing. I used a vibrating sander for this part. I so wanted to fill all of the dents & dings, but my daughter wanted a distressed look.

Next, I primed the nightstand with a white spray primer. Then I spray painted it with Krylon Ivory paint. I think next time I will use a foam roller. After I put on a perfect finish (why, I don't know) I sanded the corners, edges & the drawer front. This was very difficult for me...why ruin a perfect finish!
After sanding I rubbed on a stain/sealer that I had in my paint cabinet. This was the most difficult part. I used a rag to apply the stain & wiped it off with a clean rag. If a section was too dark, I used a rag with some mineral spirits on it to rub it off until I liked how it looked.  I added a knob that I found at Home Depot. The best thing about this project is that my daughter likes it.
Close up of the drawer front & knob

               Before                                                                   After

The final step is a coat of Poly so that the sheen is even.
My next & I guess final project for this room is to make some curtain panels. I was going to do this tonight, but I am pooped after all the rubbing from the distressed finish. Did I ever tell you I am in my 8th month of having a frozen shoulder. My last one lasted well over a year. All of you who have had this know what I'm talking about .... this is my second one. Thank goodness you don't get them again in the same arm! ... What were we talking about? Oh yeah, my next project... looks like it's going to be tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a terrific weekend! We went and drove by some neighborhoods & looked at houses that were for sale. I am afraid I won't find one I like ... so this helped a little.

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  1. Awesome job Pam, you have been unbelievably busy!

  2. What a transformation! You did a fabulous job. Don't you love to re-use what you already have lying around!

  3. I love how the nightstand turned out! And that was very nice of you to paint and distress it to your daughter's liking :) I found you at Metamorphosis Monday and I'm now your newest follower! I'd love it if you could check out my blog if you have a chance.

  4. hi pam! looks like we were up to some of the same activity lately- painting, distressing, staining! your nightstand looks fantastic! so glad your daughter likes it because really her opinion is the only one thta matters here! :)

  5. Pam, that nightstand turned out great. I brush and roll my furniture, but if I have any more projects I may get my husband to spray with his sprayer for his cars. Will be a lot quicker. Good luck with that house hunting.

  6. I'm a new Monday Follower! Your site is so cute! To find some great deals and Freebies visit me at http://www.rockindeals4you.com/?p=3784 and sign up for my newest giveaways!

  7. Love how that turned out!!
    Can't wait to see the next project!

  8. Oh wow! I adore this project. What a wonderful metamorphosis.

  9. Wow... it looks great! I just love the finished project!

  10. Nice job! I know how you feel about getting the perfect finish just to distress. In the end it's all worth it tho!

  11. Love the transformation. Just beautiful!

  12. We are working on all three of our daughter's rooms. And just have the finishing touches to complete on our teen's room. Why did I think you could only paint on poly? Spraying just makes so much sense.

  13. Wow! That looks beautiful. Nice job!

  14. I really like the color... great job Mom!

  15. Second look is so much better. Well done!


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