Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Tour

As promised, here is my home tour! Our house is ready to go and a sign in the front yard will be a reality in a couple of days. We've lived here ten years now and have lot's of happy memories. I'm warning you now, there are a lot of photos, so grab a cup of coffee or a cold drink and stay awhile!

This is a nice place to sit in the evening as the sun is going down behind the big oak tree across the street.

Come on in..........
The Foyer......

The Living Room, or the Piano Room, as we call it, is to the left of the Foyer (the piano is on the inside wall that your can't see)

The Dining Room is to the left of the Foyer, but this view is from the hallway door.

The view of the Family Room from the Kitchen.....Ugh...I wish I could find a decent ready made slipcover that fit my large comfy sofa. I never did like the slipcover I bought, but the sofa underneath is a champagne colored damask and would be very dirty if we hadn't covered it.
I'd buy a new sofa, but I would rather wait until we move to buy one.
Update: I bought a new sofa! I'm in the process of redecorating this room.
The Family Room from upstairs.........

The hallway off the foyer looking toward the Laundry Room.....The Powder Room is the first door on the right.

Here's the tiniest Powder Room on the planet! Ok, that's not a good selling point!

The Kitchen ... with brand new beautiful granite countertops and tumbled marble backsplash...

The deck off of the Breakfast Room....

The view of the backyard from the deck

2nd Floor: Guest Room ... I found a new white matelasse cover for the bed that replaced a floral comforter.

Ahhh, the Bonus Room ... You haven't seen this room, except for the closet we  Mr. F installed a few months back.

Not very exciting, I know. This is where we are in the evenings during the school year.

Mr. Fanatic's office is in the nook in bonus room.

Now on to the Basement or Garden Level: Basement Family Room with Cultured Stone Fireplace & gas logs. The stone was a steal at $860 installed! It was finished a few days before last Christmas.

This is a great place for the teenagers to hang out & for sleepovers (the sofa is a sofabed)
We finished the basement (mostly) ourselves. We had some friends help with the sheetrock, hired the stone guys for the fireplace and granite top and hired an electrician. Mr F. Did the framing, plumbing, painting, trim, tile, etc.

Basement Full Bath. Mr. Fanatic did all of the tile work in here a several years ago. I love the way this bathroom turned out.
Here's some of the unfinished part of the basement. There are also 2 more storage rooms on the other side that are about 15 x 20. The basement is 2,000 square feet! That is larger than our last house! When the girl's were little and before the basement family room was finished they would ride their bikes and scooters down here in the winter. Even on the coldest days it only gets to the mid to high 50's.
We open this up when we have teenage parties.
The Garden Patio off of the Basement Family Room....This is my favorite spot to sit.

The view from the bench. The playhouse is from my childhood. We brought it all the way from California to North Carolina.

The garden path coming up from the creek ... I wish it stayed looking this perfect!

And, finally, the Patio in the Woods ... Mr. F installed this when the girls were much younger. There was a huge pile of sand (used in the installation) that the girls would come out & play with while their dad was working.
And there, you have it ... the whole house tour! I hope you enjoyed it!!!



Our house is no longer on the market and we might stay another couple of years until our youngest goes off to college. If we could find a house we liked with our new criteria, we would re-list the house in a heartbeat.
In the meantime, we are in the process of repainting pretty much the whole house!
I will post a new house tour after we paint the family room/kitchen/hallways.
You can see the update for our Dining Room HERE
and the bookcases in my Youngest Daughter's Room HERE


  1. Your home is really beautiful with so many great features, but it's the back yard that would seal the deal for me. The deck and landscaping are fantastic. I was already picturing myself sitting on the deck with my coffee and newspaper on a Sunday morning.

  2. It is beautiful and seems like a lot of sweat equity went into this...good luck with your sale, whoever buys it should love all that wonderful space!!!

  3. Oh Pam! Your home is so beautiful! I love your hardwood floors. You have just created a beautiful space. All that work and you have to sell it!!! Your kitchen is just amazing and oh, what I would give for a basement again! Potential buyers should see this blog! What a labor of love. Some homeowner is going to be very lucky and very happy! Great job!

  4. Just beautiful!! It should sell with no problem. You have it decorated so nice that someone should be able to move right in! I laughed at the powder room! Mine is the same size and I have too much stuff in it!

  5. Pam I LOVE your home!! We call our living the piano room too. We also have a teeny tiny powder room on our main level. I don't even know where to begin. It is all fabulous!!! I love your outdoor spaces too. It reminds me of our yard and deck but we haven't done anything to the woods area. I really want a patio out in the woods like you've done.

    wow!! it's just all really beautiful. You should be proud. Gorgeous!!!


  6. What a lovely home!! I am sure you are very torn about leaving. Best of luck with the sell, and where will you be moving to?

  7. It's beautiful. It'll sell quick.

  8. WOW Pam your house is huge! It is so ready, and staged perfect....I really am impressed with all the work you and Mr. F have done. I know if I where in the market for a home, this one would be it for me....move in ready! Best wishes to you!!~for a quick sale! Debbie

  9. Gorgeous home! I hope it sells quick! All it will take is someone who is ready to move! Good luck with everything and happy hunting on the new house!

  10. Such a lovely home! Everything is so polished and pulled together! No doubt it will sell quickly!

  11. Hi Pam! Oh, your home is so beautiful! I can't imagine it staying on the market very long! Look at all of the space! The basement is huge and everything looks wonderful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Pam, Your house is beautiful inside and out!! I love your gardens just as much as the inside.You guys did so much work and it all turned out beautiful! Best of luck for a quick sale, Martina

  13. What a gorgeous home! I wish i was in the market to move, I'd scoop it right up! It won't be on the market long, that's for sure!
    Good luck!

  14. What a beautiful Home! Your backyard is amazing!

  15. Pam, it looks great and you should not have any trouble selling it except I don't know how the market is doing there. It is picking up some here.
    Good luck!

  16. Teenage parties? Pshh I wishhh we had those :P

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  18. Awww, my oldest reads my blog! How sweet! (The comment I deleted of hers was a duplicate)
    I guess she has a short memory :)
    Birthday Parties, New Years Eve Parties - and I recall a very LOUD party for no apparent reason last year- all parties for teenagers!

  19. How wonderful your yard looks. It is my favorite thing. I guess because we have moved into two houses in the last 3 years and I never stay in a place long enough to have an established yard. (the job might move us again after 7 months up north) Anyway, the house is gorgeous too. Where are you moving to? We love NC.

  20. It looks like we may have the same builder or at least the same floor plan. I see many similarities in your home and mine. I wish I had your back yard though. The yard is really pretty and you have decorated your home beautifully. Best of luck with selling.

  21. WHat a beautiful home you have! I would love to have pics of my entire house, but I can't keep mine clean and picked uplong enough to take pics! ha

  22. I loved your house tour! You have a beautiful house and I love all of the colors!

  23. A beautiful home, I'm sure you will miss it! Best of luck for a speedy sale!! Thanks for sharing all the photos, so fun to take the tour!

  24. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home and memories.

    Hoping your next home is a lovely.

    Being in Ireland, I must say it looks HUGE,we just don't "DO" basements here, and such large gardens are rare, especially in a modern home.

    Happy selling!

  25. You have a beautiful home! I love your finished basement - it feels like a "real" room and not a basement at all - the fireplace is gorgeous! A walk-out basement is fabulous isn't it? Thank you for sharing.

  26. Your house is beautiful! The fireplace and the playhouse from your childhood are my favorites. Thanks for linking up to Home and Family Friday!


  27. Pam, your home is gorgeous!! The yard is really special too. Something tells me you will sell it in a heartbeat...that is what you meant by the sign,right?

  28. Your home looks amazing. Every detail is sheer perfection. I love that you have the playhouse and brought is from California - I would so do something like that!

    A 2000 sq foot basement!? I would be in heaven...basements are like a fabulous mystery to me..never had one...maybe one day!

  29. Lovely Lovely Lovely! HOmes like this give me the inspiration to do my own projects.

  30. You have a beautiful home and great taste. Why would you want to sell?

  31. Your home is striking. It's obvious that you have put so much of yourself into it -- a lot of hard work and it really paid off. So many beautiful features and ideas. You are an inspiration!

  32. Beautiful home. Your touches and cleaning show you understand marketing. I hope the family who buys it will love it and care for it as you have.

  33. I love the landscaping in your backyard. I had stumbled across your site ages ago and couldn't find it when I tried to find it again. But, I kept your yard in mind when I put in a new mulch pathway beside our house: http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2010/11/creating-mulch-and-stone-path.html


  34. OH boy, do I have a ton of questions:):) I love your patio and want to ask, I think it is under your deck so how do you keep it dry when it rains???? Is there something installed under the deck to run the rain water off???? Also, how do you keep the woodsy garden paths so nice and leaf free??????????? We are surrounded by trees so the leaves are a BIOG problem....(I am in Pa. and they all fall in the Fall). I LOOOOOVE your home, it is fabulous and I would give ANYTHING for that basement!!!!!!!!!!!! I could write a book here but won't:):) XO, Pinky

  35. Your view is incredible! I would love to wake up to that view every day...


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