Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Photos of the Shabby Chic Coastal Bedroom

I've been borrowing my oldest daughter's new Nikon SLR camera for the past few weeks & have been taking a lot of photos of the house. We just gave it to her for a High School Graduation a few weeks ago, but hey, she borrows my car, I borrow her camera. Fair deal! 
One of my pet peeves is MLS photos that are, let's just say, not up to par. So me being the control freak detail oriented person that I am, uploaded a whole slew of them to a Picasa account that the realtor could use and showed them to you in my Home tour
Back to my youngest daughter's room... The Teddy Bear was a gift from her boyfriend... awwww
We will be starting on some free standing bookcases next month(better late than never). They will be a little bit narrower than this current  one and taller than the curtain rods. In the meantime, I moved the bookcase from next to the bed to beside the window. A small chair will go beside the bed, if I ever find one.

Here's where the bookcase was before. The placement was just a little odd, don't you think? This photo was taken with my 10 megapixel HP digital point & shoot. Can you tell the difference from the other photos? Click on the photos & you can definitely see the difference. I might have to find a way to get a camera like my daughter's. Can you say credit card points? 

Thought you'd like to see what my youngest daughter's room looked like before we painted it grey. I found this photo today while cleaning up and scanned it with my new hp scanner/printer/copier!

I also wanted to remind everyone to go over to vote for Debbie so she can get her own tv show! I am sure all of you know her from her blog debbiedoos loves living in the Carolinas! If you don't, you should! She is one of the nicest ladies in blogland and is a cheerleader by nature! Go to her website and  you can link up to Oprah's website and then vote for her!!!
You can also link directly to the Oprah site HERE
Remember, you can vote as many times as you want!
Hope you all have a great day!!!


  1. Don't little details like moving a bookcase make the biggest difference? It's coming along nicely and I don't see anything wrong with borrowing her camera :-)

    I already voted for Debbie. I hope she wins - she'd be perfect!!

  2. It is a big difference with moving that book shelf! I can also tell a difference with the camera but they aren't cheap! Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know!!!

  3. Yep, definitely havin' some camera envy right now! I say you need one of those of your own, and could you get me one too?

  4. IT looks like a tweens room now. Great color and I love it. I say get you an SLR camera!

  5. Pam -- my boyfriend and I tried our hand at painting this weekend and ended up picking a grey color that once applied to the walls looked more purple than anything else. :( Do you mind sharing the name of the color in the picture? It looks to be the shade that I was going for but didn't quite achieve.


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