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Monday, June 21, 2010

Time To Celebrate!!!

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend, and a wonderful Father's Day celebration! Saturday was my daughter's 18th Birthday/Graduation Party! With two huge milestones so close together, you know that had to mean throwing a party to celebrate!
We had good food and wonderful guests! Put those two together and it makes for a great time.
I had so much fun making decorations for the party... tissue pom pom flowers, a birthday/graduation banner a photo mobile, floral arrangements, etc. It's been about 2 years since we held a party that I decorated for. Here's what the dessert table looked like ...

...and the invitation we sent out...
Below is a closeup of the goodies. We bought the cake at Lowe's Foods and it was really good! One of our guests had 3 pieces of it :) 
Mr. Fanatic usually makes the cakes since he was a pastry chef at one time, but since he was busy installing our tile backsplash for the past few days before, I ordered the cake. He did make the cupcakes, though. My youngest daughter who likes to cook and bake was working all day, so she wasn't able to help me with the cupcakes, but as we were putting them away in the evening, she put a green jellybean and a purple m&m on each one and it looked sooooo cute! Now, why didn't I think of that???

The bottles on the table are Limeade from Trader Joe's.
The jellybeans and purple m&m's are from a candy store in Carolina Place in Pineville. I think I am now addicted to those green Jelly Belly  jellybeans...OMG they are soooooo good.

We hung more pom poms and the photo mobile from the banisters on the bridge walkway upstairs.

Everyone got a kick out of seeing all of the photos of Jess when she was little. A few photos showed Mr. Fanatic with the mustache he had for so many years and everyone thought those were really funny! This photo mobile was inspired by Holly over at 504 Main

Trader Joe's had the perfect bouquet's in the perfect color! I bought 3 of them and made floral arrangements in terra cotta pots that I spray painted  green.


  1. What a great party theme. I love the colors, your tablescape, the pom poms and especially the photo mobiles. I have to remember that for my dd's graduation party.

    We had her sweet 16 parties this year.


  2. Looks beautiful! You did an awesome job! Would you mind if I shared on my blog?


  3. Beautiful Pam, I totally love the color scheme and all the fun colorful goodies. I have been addicted to those jelly beans. Have great day.

  4. Love your decorations and colour scheme.
    Wonderful mosaic.

  5. Gosh, you did a really great job! I love the decorations and the photo mobile is really cool!

    I bet she had a great day!


  6. Pam you did a beautiful job and I love the color scheme you went with.You should be a party planner!!

  7. Really do like the purple and green together and You did a great job on the decor. Congratulations to your daughter.

  8. Everything looks great! I love the pom poms & the mobile!

  9. That was absolutely beautiful! I hope your daughter will have wonderful memories of all of this!!

  10. Your party came out terrific. I love your color scheme. Everything looks wonderful!

  11. That looks absolutely fabulous! I love the pictures and the pom poms everywhere. Looks like it is out of a magazine!

  12. What a lucky girl! Love the color scheme and great idea with the photos of her when she was younger. Look forward to checking out more of your blog.

  13. I have to say that it is all delightful! I love the pom poms, the colors, the photos, all of it!

  14. love all this party decor!! i love the pom poms and the photo mobile!!! so cute!

    i am your newest follower! :)


  15. Awwww -- well congratulations! I love your picture mobile -- it's really cute! And the poms are wonderful! :)

  16. I LOVE THIS PARTY!!! It's so festive and fun.

  17. I'm visiting from Somewhat Simple. I'd love it if you'd stop by and link up to my Home and Family Friday Linky Party. I host each Friday. Hope you'll come join us!


  18. What a beautiful event! The photo mobile is a super cute idea.

  19. Beautiful party! The color scheme is great...I am a sucker for the pom-poms...I do them at every party we throw. Really beautiful.

  20. You did a fabulous job--the color palette is so beautiful! I also love what you did with your flower pots and that photo mobile is truly inspired. I had to link back!

    Frog Prince Paperie


  21. I love the colors! LOVE the mobile... I think I will still the idea for my daughters PINKALICIOUS birthday party! I've done 2 mobiles for a tea party with tissue flowers but the photos are a GREAT idea! Great job!

  22. I love the color scheme you worked with. Very sophisticated style. ;)

  23. I love the mobile of photos... what a great idea.

  24. The colors are so cool! Love your food display and the picture mobiles...what a great idea! :)


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