Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Organizing

January is the typical month to get organized, so I guess I'm a little slow - but you all know that I've been busy with my house projects in the passed 12 months! Now that that they are pretty much finished, I've been working on organizing and clearing out my storage spaces.
Last week I showed you my Master Closet ....

and some of my kitchen cabinets ...

But, here is my worst, ok, one of the worst closets in my house ...the Master Bath Linen Closet.
Here's what it looked like before ...
Yes, I know ... it has those AWFUL wire shelves, but we aren't about to install better shelving now that the house is up for sale. 
Only the two lower shelves are actually used for linens. One shelf is for towels and one shelf is for sheets. I keep blankets in the armoire in my room. I use the rest of the shelves for first aid items, pain relievers,  lotions, perfume, soap, Q tips  toothpaste, curler sets, etc. I also put my big magnifying mirror in there and that's where I put my eye makeup on.
I would love to know where all of you store all of that stuff, other than the linens. I have always stored them in my linen closet. Under my sinks I keep hair products, & cleaning stuff. Or maybe you just don't have as much junk stuff as I do. This closet has been bugging me for about a month. Do your messes talk to you like mine do? Every time I'd open that door (which is several times a day) I would hear "gotta clean up this mess" Yesterday I finally got tired of hearing that & cleaned it up! : )
Here's the after ...
Yay! Looks and functions so much better!!!
This weekend we have been working on a lot of miscellaneous tidying projects. Yesterday we worked on cleaning up the yard. I don't know about your yard, but ours has taken a beating with the early extreme heat we've had!  It sure doesn't look like this anymore:

Next week we are going to be adding some new mulch to spruce things up a bit. New mulch always makes the yard look better ... now what can we do about the big brown patches in the grass so that the grass can look like the above photo again???

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
Wishing you a wonderful week!



  1. YOur closets and cabinets look fabulous. Seems like I am constantly trying to organize mine. You did a fabulous job. They show on tv that there is a paint product to use for brown patches that doesn't hurt the grass. Maybe check into that. Good luck on selling your home. Hugs, Marty

  2. Getting organized is on my bucket list. Maybe when I'm 90!

  3. I know the feeling... I have those plastic drawers that stack. I have a set of two and two on a shelf in the linen closet. Labelled something like: Teeth; Colds; Bandages; Lotions or something like that! Then, on another shelf I have four plastic bins, two for me, two for my husband. In them we put our travel kits, all those extra bottles you get from hotels, small toothpastes etc, ; basically all our travel stuff (we both travel a lot). The rest of the shelves are sheets and towels.
    Buying the right (for you) containers is half the battle!

  4. Congrats on tackling this project! I as well have tons of junk, but my junk usually stays on the counter during the week because I am always in a rush to fly out the door. I have been slowly working through decreasing the number of products I use to eliminate a lot of the junk. Our closet is much like what your before pic looks like..... Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love your closet!! I wish that I had that and was that organized!

  6. Very nice! We are selling, too. Well, trying to sell, and have some of the wire shelves as well. They are difficult to make look good and you did so marvelously.

  7. I am impressed! Now please come to my house...


  8. Your linen closet looks great!! I keep all of my stuff under the sink & I'm lucky that I have big drawers in my bathroom vanity so that's where the hair dryer, flat iron, rollers, brushes, etc. go.

    I love the look of new mulch! It's that time for us as well but we're waiting until it cools off a little. A heat index of over 100 just isn't the time!!

  9. Wow! This looks It think I need to take a look at my cabinets. I love all your storage ideas, very inspirational!

  10. you are very gifted! Your organizing and yard are both great! Got one for do you think you would organize LIGHT BULBS?!?!

  11. I need your help girl! :) Love your new header! Enjoy your day!

  12. Awe... just looking at your closet made me feel peaceful! I LOVE an organized space!

  13. Love it! Oragnize is my favorite word!! :) Cute blog! I'm a follower! Come by Sassy Sites and say hi :)

  14. I love when you organize and clean something up! It makes you feel some much better!

  15. There is no better feeling than when we get organized. Looks great!!


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