Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flower Update

Remember the beautiful planters I showed you on my deck last Spring? They looked like this after I planted some flowers.

The following 2 photos were taken last week. You see the bare spots in the planters? Those are from my beloved cat making a nice comfy bed in the flowers. I thought I had a photo of him in there, but I must have erased it :( 

When my cat was sleeping in this planter half of his body was hanging over the front of the planter and the other half layed across the flowers and the deck rail. One violent kitty dream and he would have fallen over the edge! 
Needless to say, I had to do something about it, so I planted some new flowers.

To keep my cat from sleeping in the planters I put kabob sticks throughout the planter. Do any of you have any better ideas? I tried looking for some cute planter signs, but couldn't find any. Hopefully the plants will fill out and cover the sticks!

At least this planter with sedum (gray plant), adjuga(ground cover) and begonias is doing well! I can't remember what the variegated vine is.

Thanks  to all of you new followers who got me past the 200 mark over the weekend! I am so happy to have you visit and appreciate all of you older followers who come back time and again & leave me such nice and encouraging comments!



  1. Hi, there! If our cats were outdoor cats, they would be laying in the planter boxes, too.

    I think the kebob sticks are a good idea; you might be able to cut them in half so they are shorter and show up less.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. You could put a dog in the pot to keep the cat out... lol... You're little kitty is smart, what a wonderful way to take a snooze amongst the flowers!

  3. Im cracking up here, that's so clever! It's like a little zen garden.

    Thanks for your nice message, Pam! Your possum drama is crazy, I must admit that I would have loved to see them. One of our daughter's teachers had a rescued possum as a pet up at school, and the kids loved it. I think the possum loved them, too!

    Cheers, Andrea

  4. LOL! And I thought I was the only one whose cats curl up in the flower pots.. I don't know why but they finally started leaving the deck rail planters alone at some point this spring. I guess they didn't like what I planted, but thank goodness! I can totally relate!

  5. They look great Pam...so healthy and happy! Finally home from vaca...YAY!

  6. oh those darn kitties. I keep finding mine in the weirdest place too. I had one years ago that used one of my plants as little box drove me batty!

  7. Pam, I don't know about keeping the cat out of your pots. The sticks look like they work o.k. If you can catch the cat getting into the planters and get you a squirt bottle and squirt him every time that may work. Your plants int the other pots look great though.

  8. I love your planters..I can't seem to get Creeping Jenny to live in a pot with other plants or in the ground...Now, my cat is a home body, doesn't go outside but I have pesky squirrels digging in my pots...this reminds me: I should take an after of my pot with the multiple plants.
    Mama Bear


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