Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Shopping Trip

Hope you all had a fun weekend! We had planned to paint the dining room on Saturday, but Friday I learned that someone wanted to see the house on Saturday afternoon, so we spent more than half of the day cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, edging and blowing in preparation for a house showing. No, that wasn't the fun part, but after that was all finished, the house looked and smelled so good. We were exhausted and headed out with our youngest daughter to get a bite to eat. Since we had to be out of the house for 2 hours we decided to go down to Waxhaw and do some shopping. I hadn't been there in such a long time (other than just driving through) and it is always fun to walk around and browse the cute shops. This one was my favorite:
Bella Dimora Furnishings features "European, Country French, Old World, Tuscan, English Traditional and Cottage Chic styles of furniture and accessories." I loved just about everything in there.

I would love to have this casual style in our next house, just not with the price tag. The sofa below started at $1,475. I didn't even check the prices on the wood furniture! There are so many talented ladies out in blogland who have this style in their home, but who have achieved this look without the high price tag.

 I especially loved all the comfy looking slip covered seating and the lamps.

There were several fabric pendant lampshades that I thought would be a fun project. Don't you think?

Of course, I couldn't resist buying this ring of keys.

It was a lot of fun browsing through a few stores with Mr. Fanatic and my girls. My oldest joined us after getting her hair and nails done at a salon the next block over. I didn't even know she was there!

 Saturday evening my girls went out with friends and Mr. F. and I went to a nearby shopping center and listened to live music and had ice cream. 
Now that all of our house projects are finished we definitely need to do more fun things  like we did on Saturday! I encourage all of you to take advantage of free things in your community. I would love to know what fun things you all did for fun this weekend!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Waxhaw is so cute....a lot of antique shops closed though the last time we went down I was so disappointed. Great shoppe been in it as well...pricey! Glad you had fun Pam.

  2. I wouldn't say it was exactly a fun weekend but I did get my master bathroom painted! I'm sooo happy to have it done. It's been on the to do list for over a year!

  3. That little shop looks like heaven, I spend hours in little shops like that when we travel!!

  4. That store looks great! I love places like that but mostly to look at:)

  5. I need to go to that store!!! Have a great week!


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