Friday, August 6, 2010

Halloween And Fall Are In At HomeGoods!

This post is for all of you who LOVE Halloween and Fall!!!
I just got back from driving my daughter to work & of course, since she works in the shopping center where my favorite HomeGoods/Marshalls store is, I had to go in for a quick minute! I just hate driving her to work .. wink, wink! Just another reason to go to HG/Marshalls!
Anyway, I took these photos(with my cell phone) of some cute Halloween items.

They had a bunch of cute signs! The Boo sign was $2.99

Read the little round sign!

This isn't a fall item, but thought it was interesting. It has little clothespins on it and could be used for photos. This could also be used as a message board. It was priced at $19.99

I thought these lanterns were cute, especially the black one with the skeleton. They also had one like that with a witch on it.
Just so you know, I wasn't paid by HomeGoods/Marshalls for this blog post. Ya'all know it is my favorite store!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!



  1. Funny I was going to take a ride there today...but I have so much Fall and Halloween I could use a storage space rental just for that...oh but I love it all...thanks Pam!

  2. I can't even explain to you how much I love seasonal decor and I think fall is my favorite! Those are all super cute and now I can't wait to go shopping! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have tried to ween myself off the halloween decor! But the fall and thanksgiving decor I just can't help myself! You are so lucky to live near a Home Goods! They have soooo much more then Marshalls and TJ Maxx! I think they get all the really good stuff first! LOL!

  4. I'm starting to get excited about fall. Love MHG for that kind of decor!

  5. 2 weeks ago while in Pennsylvania, i saw their dollar store full of Halloween items. i thought it was just early for those stuff.

  6. I love Halloween and fall decor!!! I am not ready for it just yet, but love it! I did almost buy some witch feet though at Cracker Barrel tonight! Love fall!!!!

  7. Pam, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I'm jealous of all the great decorations you found. Thanks so much for finding my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment, you made my day! I'll be happy to share more of the room with you, were you interested in close-up photos of the items you mentioned or info about where I got them? Thanks again for the great comment.

  8. squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a dangerous time of year for me when the halloween and fall decor items come out, a very dangerous time.


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