Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Did I Wait So Long???

Do you have every intention of doing something and not do it FOR YEARS? Mr. F and I went on a trip, I think in 2006, to Blowing Rock, NC for our anniversary. We found the great little shop with furniture and decorative accessories that is very reasonably priced I told you about yesterday called The Brass Exchange. I knew they had a shop in Charlotte about 30 minutes from my home. One of my doctors is only 5 minutes from there. I really wanted to go, but I never did.

Thursday we had a few hours in the afternoon so  my youngest daughter and I decided to go and find The Brass Exchange in Charlotte. They had some fantastic things.

Love the tall shutters up against the wall. Ooooh, and the round table.

They also had a room full of red furniture and accessories.

They front of the store was full of black furniture, but I didn't get a photo of it. This shop was 4 times the size of the Blowing Rock store and had a lot more furniture. They were stocking shelves when we visited and I wasn't sure where they were going to put all of it.

Here are some of the fabulous lanterns that I told you about on Tuesday.

What a fun store. I am definitely not going to wait another 4 years to go back.
I'll let you know another time what I brought home.

Have a great weekend! Hope you have something fun planned!!!



  1. Wow Pam, this place had me at hello. I love all the painted furniture. And the bench in that first picture with all those gorgeous pillows made me drool all over my keyboard! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what you picked up!

  2. Pam, what a great store. That red table and chairs is just like my yellow one except my top is yellow, too instead of stained like that one. The chairs and legs of that table are the same shape. They have the same lanterns as a shop here that I go to. What a lot of goodies there.

  3. I am salivating over that blue table and mirror!!!

  4. Oh I have so many ideas just building in my head now!!! Great shop!

  5. Pam you have so inspired me to get over there very very soon! Loves it all.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the red room! That is the exact shade of red I have here in my home!

  7. I want to go to that store!!!
    It looks wonderful
    Stop over and enter the giveaway

  8. Super cute shop....well worth the stop!

  9. Blowing Rock is one of my favorite little towns. I always go to Boone on the same trip.
    I love the area, shopping and the cooler temps.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. I think I'd have to spend the night in that store! So many things, and such beautiful could you decide what to buy?

  11. I LOVE all that red. I have a lot of red in my house. Lovely store!

  12. I am definitely going to have to visit this shop next time I venture over to Charlotte (from Raleigh.) Thanks for sharing!



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