Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Big Project???

Yes, Mr. Fanatic is at it again. Saturday he rented one of these:

to do this:

 We have lived in our home for ten years without an irrigation system. Hard to believe, considering the large yard we have, but we have only had to water one or two days a week in August and in September after re-seeding for the fall. Ten years ago, the builder wanted $6,500 to install a basic system. We thought it was a little steep. Mr. F is only doing the front yard this week. We can handle watering the backyard.

Of course Saturday it was still in the low 90's! Digging trenches, even with the machinery was hard work!

We were a little nervous about the forecast for 4" of rain --and downpours filling in the newly dug trenches, but even the though rain fell Saturday night through yesterday it wasn't that heavy and we only had 2". It was probably a good thing that it rained for two days because Mr. Fanatic definitely needed a break! Sunday we purchased supplies  and laid them out on a sawhorse table in the garage. Cost for the supplies and for renting the machine and hiring a helper will probably be around $800.
Since it was still raining on Monday,  he built this...

...and ran wires so he could hook up the control panel.
Today it's back to the trenches!


  1. It is wonderful that he is able to do a lot of the work himself -your pride and appreciation comes through in your post :-)

  2. Awesome that y'all are able to do so much yourselves! Sooo, are we going to get to hear about the house you looked at???

  3. That is wonderful! Whomever buys your house will certainly appreciate that. I really wish we had one. I am sick and tired of dragging the hose around and have pretty much been terrible at it this year especially. Thats bad when it's just too hot to even go out and water the yard. LOL!

  4. Don't you love having a handy hubby? We need to do that, too! Renting the trencher sure makes the job look a little easier :) Good luck on the rest of it!
    Cheers, Andrea

  5. It is great to have your very own handy man. What a great guy!

  6. Love men who work around the yard. My hubby just says...are you sure you want to do that?

  7. Wow what a big job. It will be wonderful for watering.


  8. That is a big job. How nice to have a hubby who can and is willing to do the work himself.
    I know you'll love it when it's all done.

  9. Wow very impressive, we have a very basic system using well water to water our garden but not automatically! It is good to meet you I am calling by from Italy on my first Wordless Wednesday blog hopping around the other entrants and enjoying exploring all these wonderful blogs.


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