Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gorgeous Day!

After several days of rain we are making headway on the front yard irrigation system! All the pipe and sprinklers are hooked up, the water is hooked up and the control panel is installed. All that needs to be done tomorrow is connect the wiring, adjust the sprinkler heads and fill in the trenches!
Today the day was so gorgeous and the sky was soooooo blue I had to stop and take some photos. The following photos were taken with an old 5 megapixel camera and the photos were not enhanced in any way.

 You can see our trenches for the irrigation system in this photo.

Hope everyone had a great day!



  1. I am loving our skies lately the are just your irrigation project not so much!! We were so happy that the builder did that for us...not so many people in our hood have it, and you can tell by their lawns! Major upgrade there.

  2. Just beautiful! I just commented on how I love the September blue skies! I'm envious of your lovely home and location and can't believe you want to move, even if it's for something a bit smaller....I wouldn't give it up, but that's coming from someone who remodeled an 1100 sq.ft. home in the 90's and got 1650 sq. ft. out of it.....still too small!!

  3. !! WOW !! These images are GORGEOUS Pam!! I guess that passing storm left us both with beautiful BLUE skies (and a few puffy white cotton balls). Thanks for sharing!

    :D Lynda

  4. WOW Pam, the sky is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Great pictures! The sky is so gorgeous!



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