Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to wish everyone  a happy Friday. I came in from filling in the trenches to take a break. What better thing to do than to say hello to friends! I am wishing we put in this irrigation system several years ago when we were younger. There is a huge difference between being 50 and being in my early 40's! Plus I have had a frozen left shoulder for about a year. It's getting better, but it's still pretty useless!   I am still doing my best & that's all I can do. We are hoping to get some teenage boys to help us this afternoon!
Hopefully we will have a green lawn like this soon!
You might be wondering why we bothered doing this big project when our house was up for sale. Back in January, we had planned to do it this fall if the house hadn't sold by now. Selling a house is pretty tough in the current market & might mean that we won't sell our house in the next 6 months & if it doesn't, then we will probably wait another couple of years and so installing an irrigation system, even if it's only in the front yard, will definitely benefit us. We also plan to re-paint the dining room in a couple of months too. DIY projects will still go on here at Casa Fanatic!

I  just remembered I didn't follow up on what happened regarding our appointment for the house we saw last Friday.

Mr. Fanatic and my oldest daughter were able to go see the house too. We went through the house and came to the conclusion that everything, including walls needed to be ripped out. I estimated that it would cost at least $100,000 to bring it up to date and it still wouldn't be an interior that I would love. The rooms in the house and the roof lines just weren't right no matter what. I spent all of Friday afternoon re-designing the interior walls of the house, to no avail!
We were a little disappointed because it was on such a lovely setting and in a really great location. My oldest daughter didn't care what it looked like, she still wanted the house because there was an apartment over the 2nd two car garage that would be hers. 
So, we continue our search while we wait for a buyer for our house.
That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!



  1. While it is a disappointment you have not found your future home yet, it just is not meant to will know the one when you see it. Everything is going to be so perfect with this house, you won't want to leave.

  2. Happy Friday and October 1st to you! Ohhh, that beautiful green yard ~ I know you can't wait. Sorry about the house; had been wondering. But some times things are beyond even us (lol)! As I told my daughter, keep praying and keep looking. And do I understand about doing big projects when younger!!

  3. Pam: We too are trying to sell our house...and boy, is it ever slow out there! We have already bought our new one so we have no choice. I'll check back here from time to time to see how you're coming along..good luck!

  4. I just took your home tour, and your house is gorgeous. You must be very pleased and proud of all you accomplished. Somebody is going to be very happy to have it one day. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it happen sooner than later. But I choose to believe the wait will be worth it.

  5. Too bad it disappointed you so much...the setting is great. I know from experience though it can be costly to make it into something different and in the end not having what you want. My home is that example! I've lost track of our expenses ours, and now with the real estate market the way it is there is no way we can sell. We're sitting tight and watching the market....sure isn't like it used to be! You have a lovely home, so at least having to stay there isn't a bad thing!


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