Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Big Project Finished!

Our front yard in the Spring

 This past summer's heat and lack of rain was brutal to our lawn. I am so glad that we finished installing our irrigation system for our front and side yards yesterday. I am beyond tired from filling in all those trenches. We spent most of today cleaning up and putting things away. Oy! What a mess. I still have to clean the inside of the house tomorrow.
Mr. Fanatic cut the lawn really short today in anticipation of aeration and seeding in the next couple of days. We called someone else to do the aerating! I think Mr. F worked hard enough this week.

In a couple of weeks our yard will look like this. I am looking forward to having lush green grass again : )
I hope you had a much more relaxing weekend than I did!



  1. right Pam. Our lawn goes dormant this time of year, we plugged thousands of Zoysia 3 years ago. Finally starting to pay off though. Your lawn will look great...should be a top selling feature to have. REST up!

  2. Pam, y'all did that yourselves. I know you are tired. Hope your yard perks up. Ours has had better days, too. We finally got rain after four weeks of none and extremely hot temps. Now it is cold and windy! Get some rest.

  3. You will wonder how you ever lived without one. We've had sprinkler systems in our last two homes and they are wonderful, such a time saver too.

  4. Congrats in getting your irrigation system put in. I wish I could have mine repaired. It has a leak somewhere so we haven't been turning it on...Christine

  5. That is really hard work. I hope you both get to rest & relax a bit!

  6. Oh! I feel for you guys! We have done more yard projects, including those not fun ones, than I care to remember. But isn't it such a great feeling to go into fall knowing that it is all ready for next year? :-)

  7. The lawn looks sooo familiar. We have also had little rain this summer. We have irrigation but installed a small fenced area for flowers. That area need to be reconfigured. Seems water is no longer getting in the right places.
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words of encouragement. Those words meant a lot to me. I was so afraid nobody would visit.
    About the callas. Aren't they a lovely flower? I am afraid the problem with you callas is simply climate. I am in region "9" a coastal region and we have warmer winters. Maybe plant them in a protected area like an ell of the house. Make sure they still get sun.
    Thanks again. I love your blog. I know I can learn from much you. I look forward to many mutual visits. Hugs, Ginger

  8. Hey, Homearama sounds good. When were you thinking? I think it ends this weekend.

    I can't believe y'all did all that by yourselves. Irrigation is a 4-letter word in my book.

  9. Looks great, I know how hard you worked! Dan and I are like you guys, we get into it! We want to do the same thing. I showed him your husband doing the work and his plumbing and electrical and he was impressed!! And he doesn't impress easily! Good job! Rest up!


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