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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Is Coming... Whether I Like It Or Not!

Everybody is talking about fall and how it is their favorite season... but, I have a confession to make ... I don't like fall. First, it makes a big mess out of my garden with all those leaves! Second, I don't like cold .... and winter comes after fall! September is definitely ok, but when it gets down below 55 - forget it. I am a Southern California girl at heart and love the perfect weather there. You are going to laugh, but I am going to tell you anyway, I used to wear long johns under my clothes when the weather got below 60. I am serious!
I do love one thing about fall, though... the gorgeous colors of the beautiful trees when I am driving around Charlotte, and in the mountains!
My un-love for fall is probably the reason why I don't have many fall decorations. I guess I think that if I ignore the season I am going to be able to put off the inevitable!

This weekend we took our oldest daughter up to Blowing Rock, NC for a quick day trip. You might remember we took our youngest daughter up there for the day last month. It is so difficult to get everybody off work at the same time!
This time we had plenty of time to shop and I found a few affordable fall decorations to add to the few that I  have. 
I found the birdcage, bird and faux berries in different stores.

This was a purchase from awhile back. I love Sunflowers. This is now hanging in my Powder Room.

I found a great garland in Blowing Rock for my basement family room fireplace.
I forgot that my fireplace screen is perfect for fall.

I love it.

Here's the mantle up close with the garland.
I just bought some chrysanthemums that I need plant in my containers. Hopefully, I can do that tomorrow!

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  1. looks gorgeous Pam. Yes you are right, one thing I tend to overlook is the mess that I have. Wait til you see what I have to clean every day...I will take pics this year, it is so much work. Love your mantel, looks great and pretty screen too.

  2. I love your mantle!! Mine is very narrow and I can hardly fit bigger things like lanterns up there. I love that look you have!

  3. Hi Pam! Your mantle looks so gorgeous! I love what you did with it. Your home is lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I am like you sort of, I don't like fall, but I love to decorate for it. You have very pretty decor, some of your photos weren't showing for me, but what I can see of it looks amazing.

  5. You don't like the fall? You must have gone crazy last winter. It was so cold here in Charlotte I felt like I was back in PGH. I heard were are going to have a colder winter then last year. I hope not!

  6. Now I can see them! And they are all amazing. Love that little autumn bird.

  7. I love that mantle. It looks fabulous!

  8. I am so with you about fall. It is very pretty but I love summer and hate to be cold, too!! I like your touches of fall! I am off to Hobby Lobby to find a few things to lift my spirits into decorating for fall!!

  9. Your lanterns (and everything else) are beautiful!

  10. Everything looks great. I love the lanterns. I'm with you on hating cold weather. It's miserable. We had a horrible winter last year & an extremely hot summer but I'd rather deal with the heat I think.

  11. I knew it! We're sisters separated at birth. I reallyreallyreally hate cold too.

  12. Oh your garland on the mantel is stunning with the lanterns, and the fireplace screen. Your little birdcage is so pretty too and so unique. I love that it is wire. You've done some really pretty decorations for a gal that doesn't like fall. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. Pam, Your mantel looks gorgeous with the lanterns and garland. I can totally relate to the long johns. Two years ago we moved from Florida to Richmond and the first Winter I was ready to pack up and go home! The 2nd Winter wasn't much better. I am a Spring and Summer gal.

  14. Very pretty mantel decor. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I think your mantel looks terrific. I don't like the mess the trees make in the fall or spring! Seems our trees are always dropping something. LOL
    I've got my mums planted in the pots on the front porch, but that's it for my fall decor so far. I'll pull more out in October. Still too hot in TX to think much about fall.

  16. Love Fall!!!
    Coming from It's so very Cheri.

  17. Oh, I love your mantel and your other decor. I love Fall, but I grew up in Indiana and the colors are amazing there. I lived in California for about 4 years and the weather there was gorgeous too. I live in Utah now and could do without Winter. Visiting from It's so Very Cheri.

  18. the mantle looks wonderful! I need to get going on mine just not ready to give up summer quite yet!

    Love the little bird cage too!

    bee blessed

  19. Good job! I love the birdcage with the green birdie

  20. I've visiting from It's So Very Cheri. Your mantel looks great. I love your Blog too! I'm your newest follower!

  21. Your mantle looks gorgeous. I'm visiting from It's So Very Cheri. And I'm on my way over to your sidebar to start following!

  22. That looks wonderful!! :)

    I'm visiting from It's so Very Cheri! :)

  23. Well, hello neighbor. I also live in NC, near the foothills of the mountains you're speaking of. However, I use to live in downtown Concord.

    I'm visiting from It's So Very Cheri and just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  24. Hopping by from It's So Very Cheri ... Love your home, so cozy and inviting! Jules


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