Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking For A New Home says there are 6,089 homes for sale in the county we want to live in, but I am having trouble finding one that like. It is probably a good thing our house hasn't sold.  Now that we are wanting to downsize, I just don't want another house that looks like our current one, even if it's smaller.

Found this one awhile back... Both my daughter's LOVED this house....but, it was in the wrong county (high taxes) and the Master Suite was too small.

I guess I am looking for a house that has the feel of our house back in California.
Here's a scanned photo of it. Absolutely LOVED that house even though it was only 1,535 square feet. I don't think I could downsize that much! My master closet was large, though!
I loved gardening even then. I used to grumble when I had to buy 6 bags of mulch! LOL!!! We get 30 yards delivered now!

This is my playhouse when I was a little girl. We brought it with us to North Carolina 10 years ago. I guess my love for a Cape Cod style house was set when I was 5 years old.

See any resemblance???

I showed you this house last month... It definitely fit the bill and was a great price...I'm just not sold on the location. The Master Bath and closet are a little small, too.

This one has been on the market for awhile. It was just recently taken off the market, but will probably be re-listed soon. It is in  a great location and the setting is sooooooo pretty and is not in a neighborhood : )
The lot is over an acre with lots of trees. It has 2 different 2 car garages!!! There is a separate 2 car garage with living quarters above. Oldest daughter would love that. But, (and it's a big but!) the house needs a total design fix! Every room needs paint and new flooring. It is so ugly inside, I am afraid to go see it! Not sure if we are up for it. Plus the house color ... and that stone!!! Yuck. 
It's 2,500 sq feet plus the space above the second 2 car garage. This house doesn't look like it could be that large.

I have already started playing with what could be done to the exterior without spending an arm and a leg.
Definitely would have to paint it a lighter color, too.

Those are my thoughts for today...Do you have a favorite style of house? Do you have a preference for what size the house is? Neighborhood or no neighborhood? New or Old? 
Would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I am not crazy about huge homes...hard to make them feel cozy. I like the size of our is perfect for us...the boys each have their own rooms, we have a guest room and there is a small bonus room which is theirs to hang out, play video games and watch TV. I love wood and stone homes, and a front porch is a must. When the boys leave, we will probably stay here, as they will still be coming home for us it was perfect all the way around. I loved that one home with the great landscaping that is now off the market...that is cute.

  2. That is our fear, we will get ready to down size and won't find anything we like. We have deiced if we can't find what we want within a reasonable amount of time we will just build and get exactly what we want. Good luck!

  3. We are definately "no neighborhood" people! But I totally love manicured neighborhoods. I love all styles of houses but really want a brick house again, like the one we built ourselves. This vinyl siding home we have now and I imagine even cement siding requires a lot of powerwashing maintiance to keep it looking clean. Not fun! For me its all in the layout not so much the size, but above all else is location,location,location! Being where I want to be takes priority over all else, as we are living proof now!

  4. I like looking at houses. I'm sure you could whip that last one into shape with all your design skills!! Can't wait to see where you end up.

  5. I just love looking at houses! I'm a "neighborhood" person. Our neighbors are some of our best friends. I like all sorts of houses but I tend to lean to the more traditional. I guess that's why my house has a porch & columns!

  6. I would love to have live on some land overlooking the ocean or a marsh, but we love having a neighborhood with kids around for Jemma to play with. I love the traditional lowcountry style homes with big front porches. Of course, I have a tiny one, but that will change! We downsized some and even though I have moments where I hate it, this is really a nice size for us, but I do love a big house!

  7. I'm partial to the last home even if it does need some special touches. It has good bones and the property is to die for. With your talents in the landscaping you will make it even better! Someday with Grandchildren you will appreciate a yard for them to play in and not worry about getting near a busy street! Ahh, I've jumped ahead a long way into the future!
    I did look at blondegardener on RMS, I remember liking their gardens. I'm on there too as GreatLakesLadyLiz.....


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