Monday, September 20, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast!

We celebrated our youngest daughter's 17th Birthday  (again) last Friday with a party with her friends. I was surprised a few weeks ago when she asked me what theme we should do.  I think she's catching on! We went to Walmart and found most of the paper items for the decorations. The lilies came from Trader Joe's.

Walmart sells single colored m&m's in containers and I they came in the perfect colors. The center bowl is filled with lemon heads.
Everyone came in and commented on how nice the table looked, but no one ate anything on it!

 They did make a dent in the taco bar, though!

Mr. Fanatic made the cake.

I made the pom pom flowers...grrr, after the last party, I said I'd never make them again!

Here's the birthday girl!

I found this photo of her today when I was looking for something else. She was about 7 years old at the time... my how time flies FAST!

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  1. I can't believe the kids did not touch that table. What a cute picture of her when she was small...priceless. Everything looked great Pam.

  2. Everything looks great, and yes, time goes by so quickly!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful, Pam, and you set a lovely birthday table for her....Christine

  4. Hi Pam, thanks so much for stopping by. Awwww they do grow so fast. My oldest is turning 16 on Friday and we originally started with a huge party and she's now downscaled it to a sleepover. (works for my wallet) She says she want to do a big 18 because she will graduate in June then turn 18 in Sept. lol I love the pom poms...Ive tried a few times to make those darn things and its not working. I cant fluff them into pom poms they look like 2 muffin tops that dont meet. Anyway, I love your blog and will definately be back. Happy belated bday to the teen. lol

  5. Your husband is pretty handy in the kitchen!!! What a pretty girl and how sweet is that picture of her when she was little. I don't even like to think about the whole growing up thing, but as she tells me, "Mom... kids have to grow up sometime!"

  6. The decorations are sooooo cute! I haven't seen those containers of M&M's.
    Those are cool!

  7. Awww..they do grow up so fast!! What a pretty table...can't believe nobody touched it! I made those pom poms for our last party...not sure if I'm up for the task again yet.

  8. Hello Pam, Hpappy Birthday to Birthday girl once more:)... Love your simple yet colourful table,, your POM POM were really great... I like the cake decor too..
    Yes dont know where time passes.. God bless them in their future lives ... Ameen

  9. What a sweet party and I LOVE all the blue & yellow.....especially the pompoms Happy Birthday to your youngest will be 17 on her next birthday. Where does the time go so quickly?!


  10. Your decorations look fabulous and the dessert table looks yummy. Taco bars are always the favorite aren't they. Your daughter is beautiful. I'm sure she had a wonderful party. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. Love it! The colors are perfect!

    Visiting from It's so Very Cheri :)

  12. Love the pom poms! What a lovely table and setting this is! Beautiful daughter and yes they do grow up too fast! Mine are out of the house and seemed to fly the nest way too soon for me!

    Coming over by way of Cheri's party

  13. Looks great! Kids grow up so fast don't they?

  14. Gorgeous Party! I love blue and yellow. I just made the same poms for my daughter's Pancakes and Pajamas Party. Here's the link to the tutorial in case your readers are interested :-)

    Came over from It's so Cheri :-)

  15. Love those happy colors and pretty party!
    Your daughter is beautiful. Hope she has a great year!
    Mine is sleeping now and looking like yours did... I better not blink!
    Came from Cheri's

  16. What a pretty, pretty party! I lvoe the color combination. It is hard to believe how quickly they grow up.

  17. What a lovely party! So sophisticated and elegant for a 17 yr. old! Amazing job on the food and decorations! Beautiful daughter too!


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