Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Vignette Changes

Did you all know that I don't like change? It takes me forever to get something the way I like it and then I tend to keep it for awhile... ok, maybe forever... Lucky for Mr. F!!!
But taking a cue from many of you, I changed things up a bit... I said a bit!
And, I am definitely not ready for fall which, in my mind, doesn't begin until October! Remember, I am originally from Southern California and there are only 2 seasons there...Early Spring and Late Spring! I have lived in North Carolina for 10 years now, but I lived in SoCal for 40 and old habits are hard to break!
I added a pumpkin there--- do you see it?
... and some wheat in the foyer!

No fall decorations in the kitchen...

I actually have very few fall decorations. I have a fall wreath and two birch branch pumpkins and the wheat that I bought last week at HomeGoods ... and some faux acorns. Seriously, that's all I have.

Look, my first rooster... ok, it's not a rooster, but there is a rooster on it
That's about all the change I can handle for one day! It's really funny, but I don't  like to change things up inside the house, but outside in the garden is another story. For many years I was constantly moving plants to get them just right. I thought I was a little disturbed until I found out that other gardeners did the same thing. I also love to change up the annuals and things outside on the porch.
How about you? Do you like to change  things up in the house a little? Or, do you like things to change constantly? I would love to know. Any native Southern Californians out there? I would love to hear from you too!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!



  1. Pam, I agree with you! I really don't change things much, because I spend forever getting it right, then I leave it. I have changed things then gone back to photos and realized I liked it much better before. I do change the bed in the master bedroom to a chenille spread for summer then a fluffy down comforter in winter, but both in white. I will go all out at Christmas though! I would miss not having the seasons, but I love Southern California too.

  2. YAY!!! Fall! That's the spirit!
    Love it Pam!!

    :D Lynda

  3. It is still so hot here, Pam, but looking at all your beautiful fall decor, it is making me jealous...Christine

  4. Pam, I started putting out my fall decorations when the weather changed here two weeks ago. Yes, a bit early, but I couldn't help myself.
    I'm taking my time, though- since I seem to be picking up a few new things here and there.
    You may not have changed things up very much, but I think your vignette on the foyer table looks great with the addition of the mini wheat bundle. I have the same little pitcher that you do in your kitchen, but it's just one of several rooster items in my collection.
    I'm always changing something up in my house- be it furniture, tabletop vignettes, etc. I love change, especially for the seasons.

  5. I'm with you, not ready for fall. I could go with summer year 'round.
    I do like your fall touches and your little rooster.I guess I like fall decorating but not the thought of winter coming behind it,LOL
    Your latest follower, Annette

  6. Well your home looks warm all year long, so regardless the mode your in....it's all good!!~

  7. Oh and do I really have to answer if I like change? Actually if you notice I really only like seasonal changes. The rest of the time, I really may just add a cute little something...but I do not make major changes. I like it the way I finally have it!

  8. I'm lovin' your new little rooster pitcher! Change is good, even small changes:@)

  9. Good job! I love to change things! However I do have a few things I don't change. I really want some of that wheat but cannot find any. No Home Goods stores around here and Marshalls and TJ Maxx isn't carrying them atleast not yet. I like how the wheat is such a simple change but really adds such an elegant touch of fall. Excellent choice!

  10. I am not ready for fall. I have about three rubbermaid boxes ready to go, but even though school started here today, I am not ready. I love your wheat. I need some of that, but I have to put a hold on seasonal items. My storage closet is busting at the seams.

  11. Oh I do change things all the time. I lived in So. Calif. for years and I loved the weather there. Seems like more time is spent outside there than inside. I love your small changes, your house is gorgeous the way it is, so I can see why you don't change too often. Love the wheat, I have 2 bunches and it is always out at my house. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. I love your changes Pam! I really like the wheat! My house will be going through all the changes in about a month for fall, I love fall, I think it's my favorite!
    ENjoy your day!

  13. Wish I lived your way then, I love change! I do like the changes you've made for fall. It's still early so who needs a houseful of pumpkins and other autumn decor yet?

  14. Everything looks great!! I love your fall vignette! I have very few fall things and when it's time to buy mums, out they come! And change doesn't come too easy for me either. Usually I get something the way I want it and it stays!!

    Happy TT Tuesday!


  15. I used to be like you Pam & not change things. Lately, I've found myself making small changes. I just really started decorating for fall a couple of years ago. I was thinking about pulling everything out this weekend. It just seems strange putting out fall stuff when it's still soooo hot!

  16. Very pretty fall vignettes! It's still super hot here so no fall decorating for me yet. I will probably wait a couple of more weeks before bringing it all out.

  17. LOVE you comment about "changing plants in your garden" ~ that's me completely!! Husband HATES it & doesn't understand at all--but that's what true gardners do (or so I've been told). Also agree that October is when Fall season begins and the pumpkins & witches appear inside & out. But right now we're in my favorite season--FOOTBALL--so special little Red & Black Dawg decor has appeared all over. To change or not change--only seasonally here on the acre, especially fall and Christmas--it's not that I really like it the way it is, it's just that I'd rather be fluffing the pillows on the porch and digging in the dirt!

  18. Pam, I love the touches you added especially the wheat stalk. I am so ready for fall. I love your new green pitcher with the rooster on it.

  19. I thought I was the only one to move plants around, too! I will move one 6" if it bugs me. I'm surprised anything lives in my yard! Shame on us! Anyway I love all the changes...well done.
    I’ve been a “reader” for a while and love your blog. I’m a follower now!


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