Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stuck On The Empty Shelves...

Awhile back I made these two items for the empty shelves upstairs.

If you recall, we have 3 shelves that were filled with family photos, but were taken down when we put our house on the market.

It left us with this...

So far, this is what I've put on the empty shelves...the two frames, some birds and a couple of tile coasters.
I've walked past these shelves a lot this past week as I was cleaning out and organizing the attic, guest room closet, armoire, office closet and feel bad for procrastinating and not making anything for the other two shelves!
We were able to work on cleaning out one of our basement rooms this weekend : )  but this week I don't have any excuses for finishing this project!
Anyone else have unfinished project that have been bugging you lately?



  1. Well you can only do so much looks great what you do have.

  2. Yes I have a few things not done around here, and it's getting on my nerves!

    I hope this isn't too frank, but if you are taking the shelves with you when you move I would take them down now.... patch the holes, touch up the paint...just hang a random picture in the hallway... If I saw those shelves the first thing I would want to know is- are they staying, and if not then what?

  3. I'm curious where you got the shelves. Thanks!

  4. Sheila, my husband made the shelves several years ago.

  5. You sure have been busy! The shelves are really nice but I think Liz is right about wanting to take them down unless you are planning to leave them.

    Nice stopping by to visit this evening :)

  6. Oh I still have rooms that I need to get into from the move! You have done soooo much that I wouldn't worry about the shelves!!! I think they look clean and simple and neat the way you have them.

  7. Thanks for the commenst and suggestions! I love hearing other point of views! We won't be taking the shelves with us- We thought about taking the shelves down, but they are hung on a piece of wood that is screwed into the wall every so many inches. (I can't remember how far apart) We would have to fill the holes and repaint the wall. This would be a bigger project that I'm willing to do right now. Plus, if we take the house off the market in January, then I want to put the photos back up. We will be happy to take the shelves down and patch the holes and paint the walls if someone makes an offer, though.

  8. There is always a project on the horizon. The to-do list is on going.
    Looks like you're getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done.

  9. Hi Pam! Oh, my goodness - you've been busy!! Your shelf looks nice and I'm sure you'll get to the other shelves soon!!
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. Oh Pam, I could write you a list a mile long of the unfinished projects in my home. I'm kind of envying your project as it only involves placing things and no paint. LOL!

  11. looks good so far! just go for the 'minimalist' approach :)

  12. What a pretty arrangement! Wish I had three empty shelves! ;-P


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