Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lower Level Mantel

Today I decorated the mantel in the lower level Family Room. Since our house is up for sale through the end of December, I wanted to keep it simple.

My youngest daughter always has a party with her friends on New Years Eve . I really wanted to decorate the hearth, but that seems to be the first place people are drawn to when they come downstairs and I wanted to keep it clear for potential homebuyers.

I really love the fireplace screen I found online last year.

There are shelves on either side of the stone fireplace. This is the shelf to the right.

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I am linking up with The Lettered Cottage for their mantel party!
Head on over to seem some FABULOUS mantels!
Tomorrow I will show you how the vinyl artwork I made over the weekend looks on my daughter's wall.



  1. Beautiful job! This look could go through winter! BUT hope your home sells before then, if that's what you're praying for. Have a great week :)

  2. Beautiful and I love the lanterns. They are perfect with your stone fireplace.

  3. It looks great. I love your basement,it sure does not look like a basement FP!

  4. Beautiful...love the lanters! Sometimes simple is better and in this case it totally works!!! Sending lots of luck your way that your home sells soon :o)

  5. Nice and simple. I'm sure you will have no problems selling your home, it is beautiful. So are you staying in NC or moving elsewhere? Just curious because I live in Raleigh.


  6. Pam, your mantel looks so nice with the row of lanterns. I love the use of lanterns in Christmas decor.

  7. I love the lanterns! Everything looks so warm and cozy!


  8. Your mantle looks lovely. I think it is perfect whether your house is up for sale or not. Ours is up for sale as well and I'm struggling with just how to decorate this year. I love your lanterns.

  9. very pretty.. had to click on your link because i have similar lanterns. Would love for you to follow me..I'm a "newbie." Good luck with listing. laura @ imnotatrophywife.blogspot.com

  10. Sometimes, more is just more. I love the simplicity of the lanterns!

  11. Your mantel looks great and the lanterns make it super elegant. But the fireplace screen steals the show. What a beauty. Care to give us a source? Jane

  12. I think it turned out really pretty.


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