Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Colorful Painted Bedroom... She Loves It!

Sorry I left you hanging  a few days ago regarding the vinyl art I finally made for my oldest daughter's room. You can see how I made it here if you missed it. I wasn't sure how we were going to hang it, since I wanted it to be close to the wall. We found some flat hangers that you screw to the back of the board (I think Mr. F. installed 6 of them). Then we marked where we wanted it on the wall and then carefully pushed the artwork into the wall. Our Lowes' had  a great display on how each of the hangers worked, which was really helpful in deciding which hanger to buy.

We  installed some 2" blinds  back in the summer since these curtains let more light through than her previous ones.
We still have plans to make her a headboard and I've got to get going with her bedskirt now that her bed has been raised higher to accommodate some storage. 

Here's what the room looked like the last time I showed it to you.

(I wish it would stay this neat!)

In Progress...before blinds and artwork...

With artwork hung and blinds installed
I was planning on making a headboard by finding a nubby woven silvery gray fabric. I like the idea of using upholstered tacks if the shape is rectangular. We could also make a different shape upholstered or out of wood. The headboard will come to within 2-3 inches of the wall art and just for fyi, the white pillows are propped up to mask the fact that there isn't a headboard, but can be laid flatter once the headboard is made so the headboard looks taller. What shape do you think I should make for the headboard. Would love to hear your suggestions!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I love the way it turned out and you gave me an awesome idea for my daughter's room.

  2. I love it, I like how you painted the canvas the same color...really cool!

  3. I love the artwork. My daughter has something similar in her room, only adhered directly on the wall. Wow...This is a nice transformation and the light coming in really sets everything off.

    I like the idea of a headboard with upholstery has an elegant but simple look to it. Nicely done, Pam! :-)


  4. That is perfect! Love that wall color, too. I'm a huge fan of purple/lavender.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. A very chic room. Personally, I think the head board should have curves, a surprising break from all the straight lines. Love to see what you come up with!
    Suzy xxx

  6. Wow, what a beautiful room, you did such a fabulous job. I agree, something with curves would be a nice contrast to the straight lines. Your rooms are gorgeous;-)

  7. I love the art work and the way it blends right into the wall, yet it still shows up! You have great ideas!
    I like the idea of a headboard that has a slightly curved top, and a small curve at each side. Also an outer edged with ruched fabric...I'll send you a pic!

  8. Her room looks great - the colors are perfect. And the artwork is fabulous in the wall color!

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Oh my.... this is gorgeous! And the tones in that room are soooo lovely!


  10. So perfect Pam... it looks fab. I am sorry I am bit late but I was busy with some urgent home chores... So simple to make and very elegant on wall...

  11. This looks fabulous. I love the art! Great job! A curved headboard would be so pretty! I'm sure anything you make will turn out lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you can join my giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils going on now!

  12. Love the art work. Great idea so it can be moved! The entire room is lovely!!!
    Hugs, Maki


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