Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check Another One Off The List

I know, I know, I should finish decorating the house for Christmas. But, I am on a mission to finish the last remaining projects in my oldest daughter's room.

In the past few weeks, I showed you how we organized her armoire...

How I  made some artwork for above her bed...

and how I organized a messy corner in her room...
But, I hadn't gotten to making a bedskirt. I have been sewing since I was a teenager, but I really don't like to, so procrastination for this project was my best friend. I had purchased a couple of window panels that matched the ones in my daughter's room last spring, but hadn't even cut the fabric since the bed hadn't been raised at that time. Several weeks ago, another blogger posted about how she made a bedskirt by hot gluing some fabric onto the box spring , which was an "aha" moment for me. Instead of hot gluing, I used.....

...a staple gun! I folded the fabric over so the rough edge was tucked under and stapled the fabric to the wood slats.

I just used the length of an 84" panel for each side. I cut both long sides out of one panel. No sewing for these two sides since I used the outside parts of the panels that were already sewn.

I did have some sewing to do for the panel for the end of the bed. I cut the piece at a slight angle (wider at the bottom) so that it would lay better. 

Here's how it looks at the foot of the bed, looking toward the right side of the bed.

Yay! The metal bed frame and all the containers under the bed are covered up!

Before the bedskirt...(and artwork)

After the bedskirt and artwork....

 My last project will be making a headboard, but I don't think that will be until after Christmas!
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  1. Great idea! Everything looks wonderful! Always good to check another one off your list.

  2. Fantastic Pam. You did a really nice job! Nice you can sew too...even if you did not, or do not like is nice that you CAN!

  3. Truly fantastic! This looks amazing. I really need to do this to my bed!

  4. Oh that's much better! Nice and crisp looking. I'm looking forward to the headboard.
    Suzy xxx

  5. You go girl!!!! I have always had the idea of velcro-ing a bedskirt to the bed! I can't sew worth a darn! This bedskirt is fantastic! Her room just looks amazing!

  6. This room is really gorgeous. I love the idea of using the staple gun. I have used the sticky velcro tape in the past and it doesn't stay all that well. The staple gun would be great! The room is amazing! I love the way you did your artwork, but I think I already told you that (haha). Great job!

  7. Your such a good Mommy to take care of your daughter's room before worrying about the holiday decor-but now it's your turn! The room looks great btw.

  8. WOW! I'm learning so much in blogland!!! Never would I have thought of this. I've been wanting to make a headboard too. Can't wait to see what you do.

  9. Ingenious! I'll admit that as a former home stager and in my home currently, I have bed skirts that are hemmed with tape (1) and another with Stitch Witchery and then attached to the bed with safety pins. No one can see it and they are so pretty!

  10. What a great idea! Don't you just love that staple gun! Your daughters bedroom is beautiful. going to go back and read the other posts on her room. It looks like a beautiful transformation.

  11. Pam, I love your ideas! You do have style and smarts! So that is my ah ha moment now. I've been pinning bed skirts in place for years because they don't always fit properly. Duh, I never thought of using a staple gun! You are a smart cookie! The room is so attractive, I trust she loves it!

  12. Hi Pam... now your bed gives a perfect look... Now the room has totally new look with a touch of completeness in it. Your efforts and creativity give the room a feeling of elegance... Well done.
    I would love if you come and enjoy the fragrance of sweet potpourri heart at

  13. It looks wonderful! And what a great idea! You can just rip the fabric off when/if she tires of it.

  14. Your daughters room is gorgeous!!!

  15. very creative! nice job.
    just stopped by to let you know you won over at:
    if you don't contact her, she'll draw another winner.


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