Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Is On It's Way!

Spring is definitely on it's way as trees are starting to bloom and here in the Carolinas. 
Time to start cleaning things up outside...sweep the deck, porch and patio. Time to cut back the liriope, plant some hostas and start some seeds for the vegetable garden. Time to get a fresh coat of paint or stain on the garden bench, chairs and table!
I've always wanted a gazing ball  for the garden and I found this one at HomeGoods a few weeks ago.

Bradford Pear trees are blooming everywhere around town. 
Looks like we need to rent a bed edger to clean up those flower bed lines! It's also time to order a couple of truckloads of mulch! Yes, I said truckloads!

My cat Buddy always follows me around the yard and loves to be in photos!

The Camelias are laden with buds.

The Peach tree in the backyard is starting to bloom, too.

I found this interesting fungus growing on a fallen log along side the path to the creek.

Some of the Nandinas are brilliant red.

And...the pansies I planted last fall made it through the cold winter and are now coming back to life!

 I hope Spring is on it's way in your neck of the woods! Hope you have some fun projects (other than a Spring cleanup) planned for your garden!



  1. Oh I am so ready for spring! I love your pictures. My daffodils were at about 3" yesterday, then it snowed over a foot last night, so it may be a few days before I see them again...
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day.

  2. Everything is looking really pretty in your yard. Here in Baton Rouge all my irises are standing up so pretty & the day lilies are popping out of the ground. We had a really good rain Saturday & again today so I suspect everything is going to start shooting up. My Azaleas are full of buds too.

  3. Your yard is lovely! Beautiful pictures! Thank you for letting us see them.

  4. Everything looks wonderful around your home!

  5. What a lovely area to enjoy the beauties of NC.

  6. Pam! I am seeing green grass in your yard! How is that? LOL! Very pretty! I love your camelias and your sweet cat. Mine follow me around outside too! We also need truckloads of mulch when we do mulch. I've always wanted a gazing ball but do not think it will last too long before it gets smashed by something around here! Things are looking great at your house!

  7. Your garden will be so colorful very soon, Pam. The fungus looks very interesting and I love the Bradford pear trees....Christine

  8. Your pics of all the blooms are so pretty! It is the same way here in SC.
    We've been cleaning inside and out lately. It's that time of the year. lol
    It will all be worth the work in a couple more weeks.

  9. Thanks for the Spring cyber tour. Just lovely.
    Joyce M

  10. How pretty this all looks...spring is definately blooming in North Carolina. How interesting that you are from Southern California, that is where I live. We seem to have many of the same plants in our gardens.(-: Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. Have a great day.

  11. Pam, we have all flowering trees in bloom here, too. I cut back the lirope a while back. We need to cut back the crepe myrtles. Why don't y'all buy and edger. I use mine around my beds and along the driveway every week to keep the grass from crawling over the line. They aren't very much and the one we have has lasted 15 years so far. It is a Ryobi.

  12. Thanks for sharing your walk. I love the way you have displayed your gazing ball.

  13. I have a ways to go before I will see anything like this! The pear tree is gorgeous...I wish I could grow Camelias too. You'll be cutting lawn before I'll see my tulips emerging from the ground! Pretty way to show off your gazing ball...I've got an extra one I should try doing this with!


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