Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Ready...

Two more days to go until Graduation day! It's been a busy week getting the decorations made, buying a couple of gifts, cleaning the house, planting flowers, buying party food and getting ready for my dad and oldest daughter to fly in.
Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to...I will be sharing more after the party, which is Saturday.

 I just have to clean the house a little more, buy the fresh food and finish setting the table.  Oh, and make the food, cupcakes, cake pops and pick my dad up from the airport this evening and my daughter tomorrow!
Hope you are having a great week! Next weekend I can relax because my husband and I are finally taking our anniversary weekend, which was rescheduled due to my oldest daughter's move to SoCal!


  1. OH My! You have been and are soooo busy! I love your energy! I understand perfectly about rescheduling your anniversary. We had to do the same this year because the Mr. was working. Ours was May 7th, we going to go out to eat and then see the New Pirates of the Carribean to celebrate ours. LOL! I hope all goes well with the party and everyone has lot's of fun! Don't forget to take lot's of pics!

  2. You make me tired just thinking about all you have to do! I know the party will turn out wonderful!


  3. Sounds like it is going to be a great time Pam. Enjoy!~

  4. Enjoy your Anniversary. Looking forward to seeing some beautiful pictures.

  5. Whew! I need a nap after reading this post! Hope everything goes great with the party! Just remember to take some deep breaths and try to enjoy yourself. Remind me of this in three years when I am going through the same thing you are going through now. ;-)

  6. You are going to have such a great time! Everything looks wonderful! I love the pictures. That is the best touch!

  7. Wow! I wish I had your energy!! I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics of the party.

  8. I have faith in you that you'll pull everything off beautifully-then you can relax!

  9. Sounds like you have a very busy time, Pam. Have fun!...Christine

  10. So very busy ... but hopefully your anniversery weekend will be a pleasant and relaxd one...
    Happy Anniversery

    Hope you would like to visit my PINKIES




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