Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Ready To Party!

Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up some supplies for my youngest daughter's graduation party next week. As much as I love Hobby Lobby, I was wishing I could just drive over to Fabric Barn in Long Beach California. All of you who have been there know why. That place is amazing with all their ribbons, laces, trims and a few fabrics. They are cheap, too.
Ah, but I digress.

Last year we held a graduation/18th birthday party for my oldest daughter who just moved to California. Hmmm, next time I'll ask her to go to Fabric Barn!!!
Her party last year looked like this:

For my youngest daughter's party, my inspiration is from Frog Prince Paperie. (You can see the party by clicking the link)

How cute is that! It's funny how inspiration dessert table will look nothing like this,but I will be using certain elements of it.

Here are a few things I will be using for my table:

This weekend Mr. Fanatic and I, ok, mostly Mr. F, will be hanging a white piece of fabric behind the table and between the two side windows to give a nice backdrop. Last year I really didn't like the paint color on the wall messing up the colors of the party! Hopefully I can take some better  photos, too.

The center apothecary jar will be filled with flowers and the two short ones will be filled with green candy...maybe those yummy bright green jellybeans I bought for last years party!

I'm also going to make a photo mobile like I made for my oldest daughter. I got this idea from Holly over at 504 Main

Ok, so there you have it...wish me luck!



  1. It is going to be and look fantastic Pam. I love the color scheme!

  2. Pam I know it's going to look awesome!! Can't wait to see all the pictures! Good Luck, Martina

  3. Oh Pam! This is coming together beautifully. I can already tell it is going to be so pretty. I have never thought of a backdrop before but that is a great idea to help convey a theme or color theme. You are so great at that. Would you believe the friend I took to the parade just went to HL with me for her very first time? LOL! She was gaga over the place! It's a bit of a drive for us but so worth it, they are filled with inspiration. I hope all goes well with the party and I cannot wait to see your pictures!

  4. Little did I realize when we moved here that there is no Hobby Lobby in sight! I really....miss it!
    Your decorations from last year are fabulous, and love the color combo for this year. Lucky daughters indeed!

  5. It's going to look fabulous...can't wait to see it!!

  6. Ok, I wish you luck but you won't need it, you're so talented!
    I remember seeing last year's table and I can't believe a year has gone by.
    Before you know it you'll be annoucing weddings and baby announcements! lol
    Good luck with the party!

  7. Big wow! That will look fantastic! Your party from last year was terrific! That was so perfectly coordinated and well designed! The photo mobile is too cute! You sure are talented!

  8. I cannot wait to see your completed table Pam. I love everything you are using. The colors are my favorites. You could really save the decorations and pull them out for a birthday celebration later too. Have a good time putting it together and congrats on your daughter's graduation.

  9. Fantastic decor and specially lots of love involved in all that ... Photo mobile is such a nice and memorable thing ..I love the decor on windows the colour is gorgeous... It is beautiful as you talent for your home appears in your post...
    Hope you like to visit and love to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

  10. I can't wait to see the pics from the party. I love the colors you're using.


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