Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banished To The Driveway...

We have a three car garage that only has room in it for one car (don't ask)... and that one space is reserved for me. But, last weekend Mr. Fanatic had some time after unpacking from his adventurous trip to Southern California to work on a project. In order to do this long awaited project, my car has been banished to the driveway, at least for awhile because.....

We finally started on our daughter's bookcases!!! 

Those of you who visit regularly know that this project keeps getting pushed back due to other things... namely moving our 18 year old daughter to SoCal, which was a huge project in itself! We purchased the bookcases several months back from someone who listed them on Craigslist. We felt it was easier to customize them by raising the base, adding a soffit and crown to the top and painting them, rather than building them from scratch. The inset doors are solid 5 piece mitered raised panel doors with applied molding. (only a cabinet person will appreciate that detail). These doors alone would cost more than what we paid for the two bookcases. Mr Fanatic is almost finished customizing them and then I can begin painting .
Graduation is in less than two weeks and we have guests coming in, so the bookcases will probably be finished mid-June..

Just had to throw in one more photo of my car.... I LOVE this car and say that every time I get into it or walk past it. This is soooo weird  as I've never been a car person, but my car is so fun to drive and it gets 30MPG (plus there's no note on it!). Ya can't beat that!
Anyone else have or had a car that you absolutely loved??? 
Do tell!



  1. That is a cute car Pam. I loved my first car back when I was a kid..Buick LeSabre..I was stylin in that car. Sure did not get good mileage though, but it was built like a tank. Since then, no cars really impress me much, four wheels to cart my kids back and forth:)

  2. Pam those bookcases look great, I can't wait to see how you transform them!! Martina

  3. I couldn't help but laugh because I can relate to having a three car garage with only space for my car. lol So glad to hear we are not alone! I keep saying I am going to go out and organize it but then it's either too hot or too cold or just not in the mood! lol If i do a project it has to get moved because I am too much of a fuss pot to leave my car(aka my baby) in the driveway. I have a Cadillac XLR roadster...it gets lousy gas mileage but who cares it's so much fun! I bought it with an inheritance in honor of my father. I had a license plate frame made for it that says: Thank you Daddy I got a Caddy! :)
    Can't wait to see your bookcases finished.

  4. Do y'all EVER sleep? You've def got a keeper in Tim. Bain would still be recuperating from the California trip right now. As for cars, my most favorite was a little Mercedes SUV that we bought used from a lady who had a whole fleet of 'Benzes - she used this one only for driving to church so it was two years old but only had 4,000 miles on it. I loved that car!

    Speaking of graduation, got any ideas for the senior breakfast? I think I'm doing the decos again and don't want to be a one trick pony.

  5. What color will you be painting them? They look nice and solid.

  6. Not yet but plan to have a camaro once my boys are through college!! Hopefully I won't be too old to drive one by then! lol

    Love your car and there isn't anything wrong about liking it ALOT!!

  7. I have a 323i BMW and love love love it!! It's a 2000 model with lots of miles but I get 328-30 miles a gallon with it!! I've told my hubster that I want another just like when the wheels roll off :D look forward to seeing the bookcases! What a deal!

  8. Hi Pam! I can't wait to see the bookcases when they are all done and I'm lovin your car! I think my last car was my favorite...a Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon but my current one is pretty great too...a Honda Pilot. Owning it free and clear definitely tips the scales towards it being my favorite!:-)

  9. Oh I know the feeling w/the garage. Ours is a 2 car but could hold 4 total, one in front of the other. Only, we've got it loaded down with junk! So glad it's hubby's junk and not mine though. LOL! I LOVE my car I have now. It's just a little Mazda Tribute but I LOVE it so much! I tried to go to a car after a Suburban and totally hated it. I think I am ruined on cars forever. :( But...this small SUV I have now is the perfect compromise for me!

  10. The shelves look good even flat on the garage floor. What a labor of love and well worth the effort. You too? I've been banished to the driveway for ten years:-( Only one car will fit in our two car garage, and my inventory takes up the other half. Oh well.

  11. The doors look really good from what I can tell! I love my "truck", a Ford Expedition. I do not love my gas bill these days. Luckily, I don't have a note so that helps.


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