Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Master Bedroom

Now that the weather has warmed up, it was time to take off the heavy comforter off of the bed. I also wanted the it to look a little more casual.

Here's how my bed looked before:

Here's the after:
I changed out the beige comforter and pillow cases for white ones. Hmmm, now the bed would look better with a white bedskirt.

I also replaced the birdcage with a distressed urn with flowers.

I love this antique key I found on ebay.

The photo of my oldest daughter and me on my nightstand was taken at a ladies tea several years ago. My how time flies...

I found this pillow at HomeGoods.

I love the detail...

For those of you who have been following my daughter's move to California...
My daughter and husband had some trials and tribulation on their journey to California, but they arrived safely, nonetheless. It took them three long days of driving, two of which involved long detours. They spent the next few days going to the dmv, taking the train to work, buying things that she needed and getting her settled. Jess' 15 boxes finally arrived on Wednesday and she was able to unpack half of them by the time Tim left on Thursday....which was another ordeal!
Here's the short version: He arrived at the gate with 10 minutes to spare, boarded the  plane, then de-boarded the plane because all planes going to Houston were stopped. A few hours later they were able to take off, only to have to circle for almost an hour over Houston because of wind shear and the long line of planes that had been delayed. Once on the ground, they had to wait another few hours to wait for the flight crew who were delayed on another flight. John Stamos who was flying to Alabama was stuck at the same gate, as well. His  flight was finally able to take off and he arrived in Charlotte at 3 am, 6 hours after the original time he was supposed to land. Yes,  I had to pick him up! That wasn't the end of it,  he called me when he took off and being half asleep, I reset the alarm clock for the wrong time and he had to wait 40 minutes for me to pick him up! This was all due to a thunderstorm in Houston!
Ok, so there was no short version!
I am glad to have him home, but missing my daughter already!
Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Pam love the white bedding, it brightens everything up for the summer! I just redid my bed too but haven't posted it yet, still doing some tweaking! So glad your daughter is all settled in and the hubby is safe and sound back home! Martina

  2. Your bedroom looks fabulous. I love your new lighter look. It's always so sad when a child leaves the nest, so glad she is safe and getting settled. Sounds like DH had quite the plane trip. Aren't you glad to have him home and things settle down for a while. Have a super Sunday. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a week you had Pam! Your bedroom looks soooo pretty. I adore that pillow, and if you tire of it, you know where I live:)

  4. It looks beautiful, Pam!

    I love that pillow! All your changes are wonderful.

  5. The pillow is perfect for your space. It's always fun to change your look with the seasons.

    Glad your husband is home safe and sound.

  6. Pam, your bedroom looks so pretty! I love the summer look. Great find on the key and pillow!

    I'm glad that everything worked out ok with your daughter's move. It sounds like a crazy trip for your husband!

    Have a great day!

  7. Love the changes, and I really love that new pillow from Home Goods too!

    Wow! That was quite an ordeal! The things we do for our children. LOL! I hope all will go better for her soon. Thanks for the update!

  8. I'm glad her boxes arrived safely and that your hubby is safe and home again, despite the long delays. Been there done that...oh, the joys of flying these days. lol

  9. Looks very fresh and pretty, Pam. Love it!...Christine

  10. I'm loving your new look. Thanks for the great inspiration. With just a few changes you have refreshed your entire room. Well done! Hope you have a great week...~Ann

  11. Wow your husband really had his patience tested! Glad he arrived and you finally did too! LOL... Your new bedding looks great and really does lighten it up for spring and summer! That is a great accent pillow and the urn and key make a nice accent! Hope all is going well with your daughter our West :)

  12. Pam, I love the white accents. The wall color is a favorite and it's beautiful how changing a few items makes it look like a 'new' room. My heart is with you as you make the adjustment to having a babe in California. Our oldest two are in MS and we never see them as much as this mother would like :) But it makes the times we are together more quality time. Of course, my heart stay soothes having one in town with us ;)

  13. I love your Spring-ified bedroom Pam and I think that Home Goods pillow is beyond gorgeous! Sounds like you guys are going to need a week to recover from the craziness!

  14. I love your white bedding. It makes the room look very soft and inviting. Sorry to hear about your husband's flight. That sounded like the trip from hell, but the important part is he made it back in one piece!

  15. Pam your bedroom looks so great !
    I LoVe the color of the walls, the muted lighting, and all the new changes,
    Especially the pillow ! WANT IT !

  16. The changes a perfect for Spring and Summer. The pillow was quite a nice find!

  17. Hi Pam! Oh, your white bed linens are so lovely! Your entire bedroom is so pretty.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Love your beautiful bedroom, Pam. Thanks for joining the party.


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