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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation Dessert Table

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Today we are resting after a long hectic week(month). Friday was graduation day for my youngest daughter Jenny.

 Here she is with her boyfriend right after graduation on Friday.

Jenny's graduation party yesterday was so much fun and the food, decorations and dessert table turned out really nice!

Saturday was a really long day and we began working at around 8:30 am and finished cleaning up after the graduation party around midnight.
Knowing Friday and Saturday would be pretty hectic I started setting up the table on Tuesday. Here's the progression:

I highly recommend Sunkist Lime Jellybelly jellybeans! They are sooooo good.

Flowers and Limeade from Trader Joe's added a little green to the table.

I saw some daisy cookie pops over at Sweetopia and thought they'd look cute on the dessert table.

Ours weren't quite as perfect as Sweetopia's, but they still were tasty.
Daisy Cookie Pops

Daisy Cookie Pops

I finally used the Silhouette machine I received last Christmas to make the Congratulations banner. It cuts out perfect letters!

The table was looking really pretty at this point.

The cupcakes were added next...

We hadn't ever made cake pops before and had a little trouble with them but they turned out yummy anyway.
I found a recipe for cake pops over at Love From The Oven.

We originally wanted to cover them in white chocolate, but couldn't get it the right consistency. I saw the cute graduation caps over at Frog Prince Paperie and made some for the cake pops.
Cake Pops

We finished up taking photos as the first guests were arriving at 5:30.

After baking and decorating cupcakes, daisy sugar cookies pops and cake pops, I definitely have a lot of respect for those who  bake for a living. I think we will find a good bakery next time and buy them... It would  be worth it!

Jenny and I took most of the photos above with her new Canon Rebel T3 that we gave her for her graduation present. It is really easy to use and takes some good photos on the auto setting. I am looking forward to playing around with it and learning  how to take photos using the manual settings, as well.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!


You can read Tips for Planning A Great Graduation Party HERE

To give credit where credit is due... Mr. Fanatic decorated the cookies, cake pops and cupcakes. Y'all know he used to be a pastry chef, right????

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the display.

  2. Your table setting is just beautiful, Pam, so befitting for a very pretty Jenny. I love the color you used...Christine

  3. What a fun color combination! I don't know how it could have been any more perfect for a graduation party. Those cake pops turned out really cute; I keep thinking I'm going to try my hand at some one day... Congratulations to Jenny -- and her family!

  4. This was wonderful. What a very pretty presentation. The flower cookie pops look great and I love the double cake stand display for the cupcakes. Great colors, too!

  5. It looks fantastic!!!! I knew it would! I love seeing the progression. The cake pops with graduation caps are so cute and the daisy cookies too! I have been thinking about getting the Rebel T3i. I am still using the Rebel xTi and am thinking I need to upgrade! Your pictures are super sharp which is what I want! Very cool and so glad you had a good time!!

  6. Simply beautiful... The choice of colours in decoration is gorgeous.. I am sure your daughter's friend enjoyed a lot...
    Hope you would like to visit my Pinkies at

  7. It's obvious how much love and effort was put into making your daughter's day a special one for her. Every detail is just perfect-the little graduation caps are the cutest touch.

  8. Beautiful Detail, lovely! the cake pops were my favorite. Trader Joe limeade is so good too ! Happy Monday Jules ♥

  9. Everything looks so pretty! Of course I knew it would. Congratulations to your daughter!

  10. Cute! Congrats to your daughter! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  11. Wow, Pam! This is fabulous!!

    I am linking this to friends.

    Congratulations, Jenny!

  12. Pam what a gorgeous table. My younger daughter graduated this month, too. It's such a special time and you made a special celebration.


  13. Pam this looks FABULOUS!!! LOVE IT! A big CONGRATS to Jenny! Martina

  14. Congrats to your daughter! The decorations are perfect! Thanks for showing us the step by step process of setting up that FAB table!

  15. This is just wonderful! Congrats on making so many different (and yummy looking) baked goods and on your daughter's graduation as well :o)

  16. What a great party! All of your decorations and foods look wonderful. I especially love the paper flowers and would love to know how you made them! The graduation caps, daisy cookies and little attention to details is what it's all about and I know your beautiful Jenny loved her party!!

  17. Thanks everyone! Susan, the paper flowers on the white sheet background are from Luna Bazaar.

  18. Oh you did such a fantastic job...decorating and baking. What a wonderful memory for her! Beautiful table!!

  19. Everything looks just great -- so professional -- and now you have me craving a cake pop and some lemonade!

  20. I simply loved all the colors you used for this tablescape... soooo serene and soothing. Such a lovely color theme for Graduation. Congratulations Jenny! Loved the jelly beans in the jar idea... everything looks sooo beautiful. And all the baked items looks so yummy and colorful. Well Done! Thanks for sharing with us!~Poppy


  21. How gorgeous and what a happy time! I always loved having graduation parties! Great memories! ♥

  22. Pam, what a great looking table for the graduation party. Love your sugar cookies. They look as good as the other ones to me. Your photography is great, too. Thanks for joining the party!

  23. Pam your table setting is just darling! I need to get better at that.

  24. Wow Pam what a confectionary delight! You did a perfect job. Your letters on the banner are so cool! This display is magazine worthy!
    I didn't know your hubby had been a pastry chef, what a lucky gal you are!
    Congrats to you and hubby for obviously raising two wonderful young ladies!

  25. what a gorgeous dessert table :) everything looks perfect and delicious!


  26. This is a beautiful display. I have a Silhouette still in the box. I think you inspired me to break it out for the littles' birthday party decorations.

  27. Congratulations! What a beautiful table! Those are some lucky kids. I love the cake pops with the graduation caps. Too cute!

  28. Oh my, such a wonderful occassion and your table is absolutely stunning. I love every single detail. Congrats to the graduates. Hugs, Marty

  29. Great job on the table! I definitely know how much time it takes to decorate confections...but they’re so pretty they’re hard to resist! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Oh Pam! First I have to say, congratulations Mom! Us moms deserve some praise for raising such lovely children and getting them through these years. I have my oldest graduating next year..I can't even think about it. Second, it is all beyond fabulous. What a blessed young lady to have a mom who puts so much effort into making a lovely party. I adore the cake pop hats! So cute! I will be stealing that idea next year. Thank you for sharing this special day with us at Inspiration Friday! Hugs to you!


  31. What a wonderful dessert table! I'll keep this in mind for next years graduation!

  32. Oh my, oh my!!!! This is simply AWESOME!!! My 5 year old is having a "ballet party" birthday the end of this month. All her idea!! I need you to be my party planner!! :)

  33. I have to admit that overall I'm really impressed with this particular site especially on your table settings! You are really clever in tablescaping and this ideas are really my pick for my son's graduation party. Its so inviting and am sure my guests will never forget this stuff. Thanks for starting this up!

    Victoria Mische

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